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First Language Lessons 3 instructor book?

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I want to buy FLL 3 Instructor book so my question is that are all the contents from FLL 3 Student book included in FLL 3 Instructor book?


Can I just buy FLL 3 Instructor book as it's parent intensive so can we do most of it orally?


Recommendations and experiences please!  :confused1:



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Um, I wouldn't. While the contents of the student book are included, it isn't in a very usable form and would be a big pain. I do a lot of it orally but still find the student pages necessary for a fair amount.


I will say that I prefer a PDF for the instructor manual. I actually read it on my Kindle Voyage. The printed version is huge. I made the mistake of buying a hard copy for FLL3, regretted it, and bought FLL4 in PDF.

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No. That would not work. Both instructor and student books are essential. The student book has all the exercises and diagram frames. I bought the student book as a pdf to print for each child. But it’s a ton of pages!!

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