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Sadie recommended Smiling Mind app - it's free and systematic.  I didn't finish it because I was already using different tools, but I thought it was good for a beginner.


Personally I use Buddhify - it was a cheap one-off fee rather than a subscription like Calm, and it has many options for different circumstances.

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Our daughter recently completed a mindfulness class through Outschool.com.  She learned tons of great tips, breathing exercises and body meditations.  She also participated in 2 months of club mindfulness as well.  The teacher was Heather Shamp Mitchell.  I emailed Ms Heather regarding the next "club" but haven't heard back yet.   

Just yesterday our daughter asked for a high school elective class focused on mindfulness and meditation.  So I'm researching the following:  shanti generation; conscious kid by Lisa Villeneuve, mindup.org, mindfulschools.org.  We did buy a udemy.com course - mindfulness and mindfulness meditation - as it was only $20.  I also have a few books in my amazon cart:  the anxiety workbook for teens; conquer negative thinking for teens; the relaxation and stress reduction workbook for teens. 

I've also contacted two yoga studies which offer mindfulness classes - one is geared toward teens and meets twice a month on Sundays.  

I'm not sure which direction we'll head for the upcoming school year. 

At this point, we're just practicing breathing and doing 20 to 30 minute body scan meditations. 

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6 hours ago, hornblower said:

I like Tara Brach's site. She has basic ones, a section for those new to meditation etc. 

You can subscribe to her podcast and get a new meditation daily.  The podcast ones vary in length so I find I usually scroll through & pick based on topic or duration. 




I was going to suggest Tara Brach, too. I listen to her lectures via podcast. Her jokes are great. (Occasionally groan-inducing, but still great.)

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