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Thoughts and prayers, please

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Thank you all for your prayers, kind thoughts, and supportive words. Consider yourselves all not just "liked," but "loved."   Yesterday was a better day. Dh and I were able to visit for a few minute

(((Lisa)))   Oh, love.  How unbearably hard.     I grieve for you and yours.     As you wend your way through this impossible, unimaginable maze of grief and mundane tasks and stunned disbelie

Late this morning, my beautiful, outrageous, and much-loved sister passed away.   My BIL, their 3 kids, dh and myself, and BIL's sister and husband were all with her.   Thank you for the prayers a

:grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug:


Wishing comfort to you, your family, and all those who are mourning.


There are many hard aspects to this stage of life, but losing a sibling doesn't feel as if it supposed to be one of them....


I am glad you were able to be there and that it went as smoothly and peacefully as possible.... but, oh, love, I'm so sorry this is the path you've had to walk.


If you ever feel like sharing memories or stories or just getting some virtual hugs, I know I am not alone in saying I would love to hear more about your sister.. and sit with you in your grieving and share whatever emotions those moments bring.



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It is good you and family could be with her. A small consolation, though.


I keep thinking of you, your sister’s children and husband, your parents and how your lives have changed so quickly. All of you will definitely be kept in my thoughts and prayers. ((((( )))))

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I'm so very very sorry. Your sister was well loved, and there are people who will carry her memory forward. Not enough, and not the same, but it's good and wonderful that she made such an impact and had you and her DH and children to remember her. Love and hugs. 

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