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Thoughts and prayers, please

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I know, it's a horrible title these days, but I am too tired and heartbroken to be more creative.


I have one sibling, my younger sister, Karen. She is 48 and mother to three great kids. She has been in the hospital for the past few days. 


Tonight, we learned from my BIL that it is liver failure and there is nothing more they can do for her. They think she has three days at most.


My dad and I went to see her tonight, but the nurse had given her something to help with her breathing and she was asleep.


Dh and I will take both of my parents tomorrow to try and see her again. My mom is very medically fragile and was recently placed on oxygen because of severe COPD. She also has multiple myeloma.  Dad just had hip surgery and is just now able to hobble around a bit. It is all a huge mess. BiL's mother is also terminally ill.


Please also keep my BIL and their children in your hearts. The kids are 19, 22, and 25.







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Thank you all for your prayers, kind thoughts, and supportive words. Consider yourselves all not just "liked," but "loved."   Yesterday was a better day. Dh and I were able to visit for a few minute

Late this morning, my beautiful, outrageous, and much-loved sister passed away.   My BIL, their 3 kids, dh and myself, and BIL's sister and husband were all with her.   Thank you for the prayers a

:crying: I'm sorry. Sorry seems so inadequate.

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