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Kid 1 used Essay He'll

Kid 2 used the Harry Bauld book




I'm also a fan of Ethan Sawyer, The College Essay Guy on tumblr. He has a book and website with materials.


As with choosing curriculum, the most important question is "what will your kid engage with?"

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IMO the best way for kids to get a feel for what a good application essay looks like is to just read a ton of them — e.g. see PrepScholar's 125 College Essay Examples from 13 Schools. I think their analysis is spot on: the "formula" for most of the top essays seems to be a really punchy, unusual first sentence/hook, that leads into a detailed and very specific anecdote, which is then broadened and linked to something significant about the student's personality/background/interests/etc.


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There are many useful tutorials in net, also I can say from my own experience that reading and analyzing samples of other well-written essays is very helpful too because in such way you see and remember how a really good essay should look in general. A habbit for reading good literature is another helpful method because it helps to improve your general writing style (not only for essays but for all texts in general), vocabulary, style and grammar, and all these components are important for well-written essays too.
It's necessary to teach your child some basic principles of essay writing, they're mentioned in almost all tutorials I've ever seen 🙂 They consist for example from choosing your topic, narrowing it and defining main thesis, making an outline for the whole essay (you should always start it from making a good plan), knowing of essay types and their body structure acording to the certain one. The other important ones are skills of working with various scientific/informational resources, analyzing them and choosing the best ones for your research paper. The good essay should include revelant facts, concrete details, examples and nice citations from your resources. Checking the ready work for possible plagiarism is an important thing too, that's why it's recommended to keep always a track of all your resources. And the last one if proofreading, in its case you can be really helpful for your child with identifying some mistakes which are invisible for him/her.
There are also special students' unions who provide help with improving essay writing skills and professionals services too https://papercheap.co.uk/homeworks . In the most difficult cases you can hire there a writing tutor too, it's a popular practice for many children despite of their age.

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At 6 A.M. today, I sent my DD an email with the link below.  20 or 30 minutes later, when she was up, I told her that I'd sent her the email with this link and that she could probably read it, 3 times, in 5 or 10 minutes.  I believe there is a lot of very sound advice in this very short article. 


the title is:
"2018-2019 #UVA Application Essay Advice"


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