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Help me come up with something for dinner

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I am really sleep deprived and burned out over dealing with dd's dietary issues.  Need something gluten, dairy, soy free that everyone will eat.  LOL.  We had steak, roasted veggies and salad on Sunday, spaghetti (brown rice pasta) and meat sauce (sans the parmesan) and salad last night.  I plan to have chicken tomorrow and use up leftovers on Thursday.  Friday is fish (it's Lent).  What to have tonight?  I just can't even think of anything.  You would think I hadn't been providing dinners for 29 or so years. . . . except I've only been restricted from gluten, dairy and soy for a few weeks.  It's wearing me out.  Because I can't just turn to other foods due to my family being so darn picky about everything.  Grrrrr.


Help!  I plan to go shopping while dd is at her math tutor's today.

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I've been enjoying a one-pot chicken and rice dish. I use the instant pot, but you can tweak it to stovetop.

Saute onion, carrot, green pepper (all cut up chunky, not small)

Add any boneless chicken you have ( I like to use boneless thighs) 

Sear the chicken either separately or in the same pot (remove veggies for this step then add back in to the pot)

Season with salt, pepper, some garlic powder, oregano... or any all purpose seasoning.

Add 2 cups white rice, 3 cups water or broth.

Cover and cook for 20 minutes if stovetop or 10 minutes in the IP in order to get chicken cooked through. 


Good Luck

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I say either omelets with fillers -- whatever you can eat:  spinach, salsa, etc.  Or a hearty lentil soup.  I throw in any veggies I have (spinach, potatoes, carrots, onions) and sausage if I have it.  A big can of whole tomatoes is good in it too.

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We're having this for dinner tonight:


http://www.cookingandbeer.com/2017/04/roasted-pork-chops-and-smashed-potato-sheet-pan-dinner/ ( easy to leave off the sour cream, which is what I am doing)


Check out a paleo cook book from the library. We have found some amazing paleo recipes that have become family faves. They will satisfy your food requirements quite easily. 


We like the Paleo Grubs turkey burger recipe (I cook them in the oven), sheet pan chicken fajitas with guac instead of sour cream, buffalo chicken bake (I make a vegetarian version of this that rocks and is chock full of veggies), chicken wild rice soup, Minimalist Baker has some vegan recipes we enjoy, chili, Nom Nom Paleo meatballs are a huge hit with my family (even my veggie  avoiding 17 year old will gulp these down and they have cauliflower!), and salmon cakes also come to mind. 


You can do it! It is exhausting when you have to make changes to your eating habits. I used to be so stymied and every week it was exhausting to come up with brand new food to eat, but it has gotten easier. 



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Fish tacos? I’ve addes this to my Extra Lazy list of meals.


1 bag southwest style kale salad


Fish or fish sticks seasoned with mexi-whatever

Maybe some cheese


If you require a side, put some drained black beans in the rice cooker with your rice and maybe add a vegetable like corn or peppers.


I love those seasoned kale salads. I prefer their crunchiness over regular mixed salads.

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Thanks everyone!  I appreciate your suggestions.  I wound up making potato, mushroom fritattas  and then just serving with salad again.  I got a huge thing of mixed greens from our winter CSA, so we are just chewing our way through that!


I meant to go shopping but while I was dropping my dd off at her co-op class, one of her friends who was taking a driving lesson from her mom smashed into my car!  LOL.  The poor girl was so traumatized and the mother is mortified.  She's actually one of the girls in our AHG troop.  Anyway, I wound up not being able to run to the store and also wound up at a body shop getting an estimate, so I didn't have time to cook anything fancy.  Luckily I did have eggs, potatoes and a can mushrooms, so ta da!

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