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Audio book suggestions 1st grade


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I am after some suggestions for audio books for my 6yo dd please.

Diagnosed ASD, average to good comprehension for her age but very delayed in expressive language.

She does not like picture books and never has. Will not even look at one.

Will not, under any circumstances, allow someone to read to her (again, never has, even as a tiny baby she would not allow it). She will not even stay in the kids room at the library during story time as there is someone there reading aloud...

She loves audio books lol lol lol

So, we are needing quality books in audio format that will appeal and be suitable for an ASD 6yo. Ideally we want great quality literature, must be a chapter book, definitely no picture books on audio, I swear she knows it is meant to be a picture book and will not allow it, and most are not the same without the pictures anyway.

We listen in the car while driving to extra curricula activities and visiting family so it would be great if the book was interesting to the rest of us, the older kids are 9 and almost 11.

Luckily since we moved last last year our new library has a decent collection to borrow but it seems very hit and miss for her, they are all either twaddle or way over her head.

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My Father's Dragon.  Librivox has a lovely free recording read by a very articulate child.


A Bear Called Paddington books, read by Stephen Fry


Mr Popper's Penguins


Pippi Longstocking, read by Esther Benson


Roald Dahl:  James and the Giant Peach (Jeremy Irons), Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Eric Idle), Fantastic Mr Fox and Other Animal Stories (Chirs O'Dowd, Geoffrey Palmer, Stephen Fry, Hugh Lawrie)

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Winnie the Pooh, House at Pooh Corner, When We Were Very Young, Now We Are Six (the last two are AA Milne's poetry for kids).


I definitely second the Paddington books.


Little House in the Big Woods


Aesop's Fables


Charlotte's Web (read by the author, we all loved it)


Farmer Boy


The Wind in the Willows


Thornton W Burgess animal stories


The Wonderful Wizard of Oz


James Herriot's Treasury for Children


The Saturdays


Pippi Longstocking


Ralph S. Mouse


Henry Huggins


Rufus M.


All Of A Kind Family


Just So Stories




Those are all on Audible, are in our account, and have been listened to repeatedly in the last 2-3 years (and my younger just turned 8, so she would have been 5-6 listening to a lot of the for the first time). Most are well-loved by our whole family, so should be enjoyable car listening.

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My girls listen to audiobooks daily, usually at bedtime and during playtime, and fit in that age range. Some of their favorites are:


How to Train Your Dragon

Pippi Longstocking

All E.B. White (Charlotte's Web, Stuart Little, etc.)


Nim's Island

James and the Giant Peach

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Clementine Books

Little House on the Prairie Books

The Wizard of Oz books

Ivy and Bean

Chronicles of Narnia

Mary Poppins

The Sheep-Pig


Complete Beatrix Potter (although those are picture books sort of)

Winnie the Pooh series

Story of the World series



The also enjoy some poetry compilations like:

Favorite Poems for Children

Classic Poems for Girls

Classic Poems for Boys

Julie Andrews Collection of Poems, Songs, and Lullabies



These are also all on Audible except SOTW, which I put on our Google Play account. Each of those have been listened to many times. 

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I second the many wonderful suggestions made above, but here are some not already mentioned that might be enjoyable for your daughter and your whole family:  All are on Audible.

Edith Nesbit's Dragon Tales are wonderful (adults will like them too - the writing is so clever!)

Arthur Ransome's Swallows and Amazon's series would be good for all the kids too

There is a Katherine Kellgren narrated version of Beatrix Potter on Audible that is fabulous

Nurse Matilda

Librivox has a great free version of Just So Stories narrated by Tim Bukeley.  Many librivox narraters are not so good, but he's fantastic.

The Freddie series of books by Walter Brooks

The Happy Little Family/Fairchild Family Stories by R. Caudill

All of a Kind Family Series (Love these!) One or two are on Audible, though the narrater isn't great.

The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place series. Maybe for older age, but my daughter loved these at age 6:  Narration is amazing.

Ms. Rapscott's Girls is hilarious and well written. Whole family got a kick out of it, including my husband. 

The Moffats







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