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The ads on my favorite vegan recipe website....


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My ads really want me to start dating. They don't mind who.


Christian women

Arab women

Thai women

Japanese women

Asian women in general...


Any woman at all.



:lol:   I am not going to start eating Tyson's or Jimmy Dean's anytime soon.


Does it ever suggest men of these types too or only women?  Inquiring minds want to know  :laugh:

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Only women!



I don't know where they got the idea I could afford a mail order bride. :lol:

Oh MY!  This is brilliant.


If dh and I divorce, I always say i don't want another husband.  But I haven't considered a wife!!! LOL


I'm not a lesbian, so I don't want to go there, but ....a WIFE.  To cook and clean and do my laundry.  :0)  Hmmmm......oh wait, I guess a maid might be cheaper, but a wife may be the way to go!!!  Oh, but the wife may make messes of her own....yep, I think I'm back to wanting a maid. LOL


Darn, and it all sounded so great for a few minutes!  Bummer

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