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Audible users -- "This Title Not Available in Your Country"????


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First, we've been using Audible (with no changes to our account) for years. As of a few months ago, we haven't been able to add any new books, and our credits (which we pay monthly for) expire, so we are paying for a service we have no access to. The error message we receive is that the title (every single title we click on) isn't available for purchase in our country. We're in the United States and always have been. 


We called customer service months ago and they "opened a ticket" to investigate. I'm on the phone with them again (now) and when they checked the ticket, no progress had been made to resolve the issue. 


Anybody else having this issue?

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Check all your personal info, first of all, to make sure you didn't get hacked. Barring that, did you try to access your account when you were out of the country? There's some strange reason why it thinks you're living abroad.

Just did. Everything looks fine. 


The last trip out of the country my husband took was to Germany -- well over a year ago, and he didn't try to use Audible when he was out of the country; we've only been having this issue the past few months. Nobody else in the household has ever traveled outside of the country. 

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That's so weird that they won't help you.


Are all your devices logged into Amazon.com and not Amazon.co.uk or some other regional one?


Are all of your kindles and other devices set to the US? Apparently you can go to Amazon and change that in the settings tab in "Manage Your Content and Devices."


If neither of those things is the culprit, I'm not sure what else it could be.

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Disregarding that the "Customer Service" you have received from them for months since reporting this issue sucks and that you have been paying for something you cannot use...


It might sound like their Server is GEO IPing you and thinks, from the IP addresss your ISP has assigned to you (whether it is a Dedicated or Dynamic IP address, probably Dynamic) that you are located in a country where they do not do business.


HOWEVER, if that were true, probably, when you browse to their web site, you would see a message that says that  you are in a country they block, or prohibited, or something like that, and you are not seeing that message...


If you can explain this (probably better in Black and White) in a FAX or email, possibly someone will help you with your issue.


I suspect the best thing would be for them to transfer your account information, with all of the things you have purchased over the years, into a new account. That would require   updating the account information in each device you use to access it, but may be the only way to get around this issue.


If your ISP has purchased a Block of IP addresses that were previously used elsewhere,  it can take a long time for those to be updated in the GEO IP data bases that are used.

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