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Who would you call - Missing lab results UPDATE: 1 Month and still NADA


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I had blood drawn 2 weeks ago to test for celiac. They have online records, so I know for certain it's not in yet. The doctor cautioned me to continue eating wheat until the results were in because further testing might be needed. Wheat makes me feel like crud, and eating it daily for the last month is beginning to cause serious issues with my mood and joints. 


Surely it shouldn't have taken 2 weeks right? I'm not sure who to call to start figuring out where the results are - the Doctor? The Lab? 


ETA: Okay now what? It's been a month. The Doctor/ nurse said to check with the lab, because they haven't received anything. The lab won't answer the phone despite multiple calls. And there's still NOTHING in my online record!

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If the labs were ordered by your doctor, the results will be sent to him/her. So I'd call the doctor's office and ask when the results will be in.


I'll try that on Monday I guess. I don't have an appointment until June, but was given the go-ahead to do the blood testing now. 


Are they going to want an endoscopy if you test positive? Because if so, you will need to continue to eat gluten until that is done.  All the more reason to be calling them and finding out about the blood work. If you don't have a GI doc, you are most likely going to need one.


I've no idea, tbh. I actually had the blood test ordered by my Endocrinologist. I've known I had an issue with wheat / gluten for over a year now and she realized we'd never defined exactly what the issue was. 


I'd probably decline the endoscopy if I test positive. But I might go for it if it's negative - I understand there are a lot of false negatives?

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My daughter's celiac blood-work took 3 weeks to get results back. I was told 3-4 weeks was pretty typical for it. I'm sorry. :( I know how difficult it is to continue to eat the wheat while waiting but it was so worth it when we knew what was going on. We didn't do the endoscopy b/c the blood-work was pretty definitive in dd's case.


Yes, the endoscopy can have false negatives. They're taking pieces from your small intestine but they may grab a piece to test that doesn't have damage. Some of the blood-work can detect substances that would be present if there was small intestine damage. 

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Can you go back to the lab and tell them you want the results right away?

Why is the dr not being more proactive in tracking down results? That would honestly make me angry that they weren’t helping find out what happened.

I’ve had a lab totally botch my lab work but the dr became my advocate and the office manager went to the lab with me to help me sort it out.

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