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Gap year programs

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I would like to start compiling a list of gap year programs. We're not sure what my youngest will do when he graduates, right now we're proceeding as if he will go right to college, but we want to consider gap year programs. He's 15 yo, summer birthday, and a junior in a classical Christian school. He thinks he wants to go into nanotechnology so he's science and math inclined, but he also has had a pretty rich classical liberal arts education so not opposed to something not math/science related.


Please share links below for any gap year programs you know of. Also, if you know of any colleges that have a program.




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NOT a traditional gap program, and DS#2 did not do it as a gap year, BUT...


He did have a 9-month commitment with an AmeriCorps partner program (American Conservation Experience - ACE), which CAN be done pre-college (gap year), or during or post-college. AmeriCorps provides no wages, but does offer a living stipend (food & housing), and an educational credit that can be used towards education tuition (not just at a university or community college), or it can be used to pay down federal student loans.


Due to federal funding cuts with the current administration, there are far fewer AmeriCorps partner program opportunities now than just 2 years ago when DS#2 was part of AmeriCorps/ACE -- they are mostly limited to a small handful of non-profit partner programs that work in public helps areas like education or environment (the Vista section of AmeriCorps, or the national disaster response areas and FEMA (the NCCC and Network sections of Americorps).



Most formal gap year programs that I've seen are based on:

- volunteering (project areas such as: literacy, health, environmental, public works, teaching English, etc.)

- international travel

- adventure/wilderness experience

- Christian missions


Some more experiences and ideas of programs in these two threads:

"Talk to me about a gap year after high school graduation"

"Let's chat about gap years"

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