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I don't have the answer. I had a program that I got through my speach language therapist and she was able to set it back to the beginning. My son had topped out at like level 6 and so we stopped and did something else and worked on the weak areas then wanted to come back to it but starting at level 6 was just too hard to build momentum.


I tried to have another program set back to the beginning but the company did not have a way to do that. I had to cancel the program and resubscribe which wouldn't help you.  


Contact the company and see if they can do it. 


on a different note I would very much appreciate feedback about that program.Have you had any success with it? Are you kids willing to do it consistantly? Does it have a good reward system to keep them motivated? Do they top out and get discouraged? Also does it have an auditory element or is it mostly visual stuff. My son(aged 10)  has a very strong visual memory and processing but an extremely weak auditory memory and processing. He has been very cooperative with Fast Forword ( we have done 22 hours total over two months and will continue for another month or so to 40 hours)  and we made some good gains with it but eventually we want to try an attention, memory and processing based training program. I have also looked at C8, braintrain, and cogmed. I think brainware is a better price I just wonder if it has a compelling interface to keep kids engaged long enough to achieve the needed gains. 

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It probably wont let you reset it.  Because you could then let someone else reset it and use it.


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