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SAT subject test questions

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I just finished combing the College Board site but cannot seem to find definitive answers to two questions I have:


1.  Are the subject tests like the SAT in that testing sites are "public" and anyone who registers can take the tests there?  My local school district has a testing site and is hostile to homeschoolers.  They will not allow homeschoolers to take the PSAT or AP exams there.  As far as I can tell, they have to allow homeschoolers to take the SAT.  Is this also true of the subject tests?


2.   Can more than one subject test be taken in a single day?



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1) Testing sites are public in the sense that my DS13 gets to pick which test site he wants when he does the online registration. However none of my school district high schools host the SAT or SAT subject tests on Saturday. They host SAT on a school day for their students and the students take the subject tests at other high schools. CollegeBoard can’t force a school to host a Saturday test date.


My area has plenty of public and private high schools so it hasn’t been a problem finding a high school with vacancies for testing within a 15 miles radius. Might not be where we prefer but at least it is a short drive away.


My DS12’s three choices of test sites were fully booked when we did mail in registration due to him being under 13. The CollegeBoard found us a test site (which happens to be a private catholic school) less than 15 miles away that has a seat for him.


So be prepared to travel if you prefer certain test dates.


2) the maximum is three subject tests on one test day. The world language with listening test is only offered on one test date a year.

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Thanks everyone.  That is what is looked like on the site but I wanted to be 100% sure.


Our district is the only test site within a two hour drive so if they switch to during-the-school-day testing, I assume another site will have to open up to accommodate the students from all of the other area schools.

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Registration for subject tests is through the College Board, and if teh ps is a testing site, you can reserve a seat there, whether they like homeschoolers or not.

You can take up to 3 subject tests on one day.




I really dislike how PSATs are handled. Schools order them and allow kids to sign up much later. This means if a school ordered 50 tests and needs all 50 and homeschoolers come in it could result in their own students not having a test to take come PSAT time.


Considering how well the regular SAT system works I wonder why they choose this convoluted method for PSAT.

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