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Nat'l Guard - Defer College, or just wait to apply?

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My two oldest sons went straight from (public) high school to their first-choice colleges on scholarships. My ex-husband was AD and didn't go to college until our 30s. Those situations were very straight forward. I need advice on how to handle my third son's situation. 


He's graduating from (home) high school and head to the National Guard. I'm graduating him a year early to do so. He'll do BCT, language school, AIT and then come back for college. This puts him attending college in Fall 2020, which is on track with his peers and the same term he'd be entering college if he had not skipped his senior year to go into the Guard. 




Should I have him applying to colleges now, and then defer admittance? 


Should we just wait for him to apply until he gets back in 2020?


Does it not really matter?


Does it vary depending upon the school? 





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When will he be done with high school?  When will he be taking SAT's/ACT, or has he already?  Has he already been accepted by National Guard and does he already have a BCT date?




Is there a reason that he could not apply to college during the year that he is doing his BCT/AIT?




In any case, I would not tend to wait until 2020 to apply to college unless there is a major reason to do so, such as that you think his applications would be much stronger after BCT / AIT.  Or that you think him having a year to work before college would be something that would help him in terms of maturity or for some other reason.

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But it may vary depending on the school.  I was assuming that he'd apply to a school (State Uni, LAC, etc.) where if he waits till some time in 2020 to apply, he might not be able to start till 2021.  But some schools like community college, he may be able to apply shortly before the term begins. And if he has from early 2020 he might have time to apply for fall at a number of schools.

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I had the same question. My son leaves in aug for basic and gets back in March from AIT, the two colleges I asked weren’t excited about the deferment option, but seemed to say they would do it especially for military personnel. The ROTC guy I chatted with suggested there would be time during his AIT to apply for colleges. I just didn’t like not being there to help him, not that he couldn’t handle it. One school we looked at had a department that dealt with those in the military and helping make sure they get what they needed to get through school.

My son almost got into the language school too, passed the dlab, but it was another month till he could enlist , and they changed what the passing grade was in that month.Arg.

So guess I don’t have a strong suggestion either way sorry



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