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Help me make decisions for our co-op next year...


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I have a rising 6th grader and I'm starting to think long term about his homeschool path. We live in a rural area with limited options. My choices are 


1. Classical Conversations- we've done Foundations in the past but have not participated in the past couple years. We would be rejoining for one year of Essentials and then move into Challenge. My concerns about CC is that a mom with little to no high school experience (myself included) will be the tutor when it comes time for Challenge. The Essentials program is pretty solid but we also have an extremely small Challenge program.


2. Classical Co-op- this is an established (30+ years) classical co-op where seasoned parents teach the classes. This program seems to be more thorough and more rigorous but with less flexibility to adjust according to my individual child. 


Can someone compare the two options? Open to any thoughts on either. If you like or dislike CC Challenge in general, please share why. TIA!

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There are many threads on here regarding Classical Conversations. I encourage you to check them out.


That said, it seems that you are saying that CC will flex with your child. They have one program. You either do it, or you don't. You don't have options.  The curriculum is set for Essentials and for Challenge (especially for Challenge) If those curricula are not a good fit, or the pacing is too hard, you don't have a choice to switch.  


Do you have flexibility to choose which classes to take or not take if you do the co-op? If so, you have more options than you will ever have with CC.  


Keep this in mind. Your child is in the thick of the preteen years. You might not even know what student you will have in three years for high school. You can only make your best decision for next year based on what you know now. If you choose CC, you are not committing to them through high school. If you choose the co-op, the same thing applies.  


I would also sit in on both the co-op and CC and get a feel for the community that is there.  As many have noted on here, and I have experienced, every co-op and CC campus is different.  You have to find the one that is "just right" for you.


ETA: I have not used CC Challenge but know others who have, and I know Challenge tutors. 

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Can't help with info or experience with either of those co-ops, but I didn't want you to feel lonely with no responses, so here's a "tangent" to your question. ;)


Another option you might consider is online courses.


I understand that Classical Conversations runs about $1200 per year per gr. 7-12 student (+ books/supplies). One option would be to instead use that money for 2-3 quality courses each year. The bonus is that those courses would be completely outsourced (no need for oversight from you). And many online courses are live, and have a class discussion component, so students do get some long-distance interactions and socialization. :) For the remaining 3-4 courses you would oversee at home, many programs have a DVD with video lesson instruction, which further simplifies teaching high school.


Just a thought! BEST of luck, whatever you go with. Warmest regards, Lori D.

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Appreciate the feedback! I searched some old threads and got a lot of great info. I think my concerns about CC at the Challenge level are valid unfortunately. I have another question that I'm going to ask about Essentials on a new thread. Thanks all!!


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