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Early signs of a kidney stone?

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For a few days now, I've had an off and on sharp pain in my lower back on the left side, near my waist. It only lasts for a couple of seconds and there doesn't seem to be any pattern to it. No other symptoms. I had a migraine last night, complete with nausea and chills. But it was just like other migraines I've had, so I'm pretty sure that wasn't related.


Could this be the early signs of a kidney stone? I've never had one and I've heard about the awful pain, which of course I'd like to avoid if possible!!!!


What can I do? Drink lots of water?

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i've had a kidney stone and the onset of pain was pretty rapid and intense. I've also had what sounds like similar symptoms in your back and it was a urinary tract infection. The pains persisted for a number of days before I had other signs of UTI and went to the doctor.

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I had no warning. Within ten seconds or so I was writhing in pain. Nothing I've felt is close to it. The infected abscess I had in the bone above an infected tooth was a gentle tickle in comparison.


Advice like drinking water, etc., is good for preventing stones, but once you have it, it's not going to dissolve it. There are other things people suggest, but really you just have to wait for it to pass.

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It could also be a small ovarian cyst.  (I've had several, and at least for me, they just tend to come and go.)


In any case, drinking extra water probably wouldn't hurt anything and could maybe help several things, such as a UTI.


I agree with others though -- the one kidney stone I had hit hard and fast, like within 30 minutes I thought I was dying and drove myself to the ER.



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I have recurring kidney stones, and while sometimes there are warning signs - I think it’s more likely something else. UTI, ovarian cyst, maybe?


If it is a kidney stone - lots of water, but there’s really not much to do if it’s a size that will pass. There are meds to relax you urinary tract that help, but that’s all I do. (I’m allergic to all pain meds, so I go as naturel on pain, ouch.)


Any fever? When is your period due?

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