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Taking AP class, but not exam?

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How detrimental is this likely to be to college admissions?


Dd took an AP class this year which she hates. She wants to skip the exam, saying there's no way she'll do well. She is generally a very good student, and should have 2-4 other APs by graduation.


Does it look bad to take an AP class but not take the AP exam?

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A super selective school might ask her about it, but overall I wouldn't be worried about it. 


I would, however, suggest that she take a practice exam before she makes a final decision. Based on the syllabi that I have seen, the final nine weeks tends to be all about test prep, so she is going to be doing the prep whether she takes the exam or not. If there is a chance at a good score, she might as well take it. 

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I agree with katilac.  Sometimes getting a low percentage correct can result in a higher score than expected.  Take some practice tests and score them; she may be pleasantly surprised.  (My dd has gone through this the past couple of years.)

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