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Help me start the smartphone downsize


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Ok, I would really like to dumb down my smart phone, for better time management. I am removing a number of apps, mostly social media that I can still access via iPad/laptop during times allocated for that activity.


Facebook is my problem. I am in a few groups due to activities, and a couple of group chats that are important to me. I am thinking I just need to turn on notifications for the groups I need. I still have to keep the app active on my phone, right? I mean as opposed to doing it in the cloud.


Also, since messenger is a separate app, I can just use that to access group chats, correct?


Y'all please help me out. I want to make a serious effort to use my technology responsibly, not missing the important things I need to know about but not losing time to mindless browsing.

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I don't have the FB app on my phone.  I do have messenger, as that's the way a few people like to communicate with me. 


It's not a whole lot easier to access fb via the app than by opening a browser and going to the website, but it does require a little more action and thought, so I am less apt to go there randomly on my phone. 



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