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Flylady support thread for Wednesday, February 14

3 ladybugs

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Hello Flyminds! 


Welcome to the Flylady support thread. To find out what Flylady is: http://www.flylady.net/ You can also find people on YouTube if you search for it.


We have completed the baby steps found here: http://forums.welltr...nday-october-1/ and here

We have also completed a Building a Control Journal series found here: http://forums.welltr...-16-tue-oct-24/

If you would like to share your small accomplishments on instagram, please do so at #wtmflylady


Advanced Flylady: 

This week the Flylady is focused on Zone 3 - Main Bathroom and 1 other room


Wednesday - Anti-procrastination Day!

Each and every Wednesday is Anti-Procrastination Day for FlyLady. This is a day that we take care of things we’ve been putting off. You can use this day to take care of any procrastinating you’ve done. You can do things like:

  • Make doctors appointments

  • Finish that report for work

  • Work on a project with your child

  • Clean the fish tank

You can do whatever you need to take care. This is the day to stop putting things off.

Today's Mission (We only have missions Monday through Friday): Since tomorrow is errand day, I want you to get under your bathroom sink to see what you need on the list. Check mouthwash, shampoo, conditioner, soap, and toothpaste. Do you have any empty bottles, or items you do not love? Toss them out! 

Fly Kids Mission (We only have missions Monday through Friday): We are going to go into our rooms or the area in the house where we keep our crayons, markers, coloring books and craft supplies.

Set a timer for 15 minutes and go through this items. Toss out the items that you no longer use, love, need or want. If you have things that you no longer want but are good enough to bless someone else with put those items in a separate bag and give to a grown up. Throw away the dried up markers, small broken crayons - anything that is no longer usable that is taking up space.


If you are new to Flylady, please join at any time. There is no better time then now to learn to keep your house clean the easy way! 
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Zone cleaning is done.


Morning routine


Afternoon routine



--Swiffer nightstands and headboard

--My bathroom tidy

--ds needs to sweep his room



--volunteer at thrift store

--chiropractic visit


VALENTINES DAY/DH's BIRTHDAY - dinner out at a nice Italian restaurant that offers free dinner to birthday people

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