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My DD struggles to learn math via text based curriculum. She's stuck in Algebra 1 halfway through her first semester. Can anyone recommend a curriculum that relies more heavily on video modules/recorded lectures? 

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I just found out about this You Tube channel --JoAnn's School--but I haven't tried it.  


The price is right. :)



And there's always Khan Academy…another good price. :)



You can also view free lectures that teach through Holt algebra here (videos by Dr. Burger).



I mentioned free options first, simply because I do not know if you just need help to get over a tough spot, or if you are looking to change algebra courses. 


For a video based class, I've heard good things about Derek Owens' online classes.   MyHomeschoolMathClass is also another good online option. 


Teaching Textbooks is another choice that some find works well for them.  

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TabletClass (online) is video based.

Video Text is also computer-based, but I think you can get it both on DVD or streaming.


Also check the pinned math thread at the top of the forum. There are lots of options!

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I'll third the Derek Owens recommendation. Another advantage of this option is that he is available to answer questions. (Although we used his Physical Science and Physics courses.)

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I would vote MUS. She can start at the beginning and go quickly through the lessons she’s solid on- and quickly catch up to where she is. Or if it turns out she’s not solid at all she can go through it at her pace. My Dd took Algebra twice- not because her grades were bad the first pass but because she didn’t really get it. She just did the motions with CLE Algebra and made the grade. MUS has been a Godsend for her. It made everything click. We’re sticking with it through the rest of high school.


She started her second go of Algebra with MUS right after we finished the first with CLE, and took MUS Geomoetry at the same time and it didn’t cause an issue with pacing. I mention that just in case you are worried about getting “off track†on timing. The way the program works is you move on when they get it. So you aren’t locked into doing every page every chapter.

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