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When to ditch a curriculum

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Does my student understand it but just doesn't like the subject? (it might be working--they might not like any curriculum for that subject)


my student doesn't understand (this isn't working)

my student is beyond frustrated--tears every day etc... (this isn't working)

I don't have the helps I need to make this work (this isn't working)

It doesn't make sense to me and I don't know why they have us do certain things (this isn't working)

I avoid doing this no matter what I've tried because it makes us all miserable (this isn't working)


I wrote some in my Grass is Greener blog article too!

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I ditch if there’s crying—either the child OR me.


If it just seems like a really terrible fit and we’ve given it several months, I’ll consider ditching. Usually I will try to just finish with it and change the next year though.

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I ditch it if retention is low and I find either they or myself is forgetting to do it, dragging our feet, getting behind and it isn't enticing or interesting. It doesn't happen often but life is too short and their are too many great curriculums out there to power through one that isn't getting the job done. Sometimes it is better to just count your losses.

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