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Questions about Edhesive

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I didn't want to hijack the other CS threads with my specific questions.


Dd would like to take a programming class next year.  I have been researching different options and Edhesive Intro to Computer Science is currently at the top of my list.


I see there are semester and year-long options.  Anyone know if the semester option covers 1/2 of the year-long or is it the same content at double the speed?


Is this course a good option for someone with zero programming experience? 

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Ds is taking Intro to CS with edhesive, started in Jan.


I think the 1 semester option is to just do the first half of the course. Since we stared late in the year, we weren’t sure if he could do the entire course by June, but pricing was the same. Both options “expire†in June.


The course starts at the previous experience required. In fact, Ds complained that it started out too slow/easy. I liked the easy first assignments to learn the platform.


Ds has almost no programming experience, just a little Minecraft. He has not needed any outside help yet. The class does have a forum for enrolled students to work together, but we haven’t explored that yet.


We are planning AP CS with edhesive next year (10th), and this course seems like a good intro so far.

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Ds is also taking the Intro to CS course and also started in January. He is doing it double-time to finish it all by June, but even with that it is not terribly time-consuming so far. He really likes it.He has had a little programming experience with Khan Academy and Youth Digital, but he says those were not really independent coding. He, too, will be taking their AP CS A next year.

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we took AP-CS A in 9th grade with no programming experience. (He dabbled very little in codeacademy/scratch) Son is strong mathematically, and found it not too difficult a class. He enjoyed it well and scored well on the AP exam.

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