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Executive functioning


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I could've sworn I recalled a recent thread on helping an AL with executive functioning difficulties, but I can't find it now. Am I just mis-remembering? I seem to feel like it had these cool charts with three things in progress, but I'll be darned if I can remember more details!

I recently ran across a report that I probably should've paid more attention to at the time, but had other things on my mind, and I'm wondering what good next steps would be. Despite iq scores being in the very superior range, I somehow missed that my ds8 scored pretty low on every single scale in the Comprehensive Executive Functioning Inventory (CEFI): attention, emotion regulation, flexibility, organization, planning, self-monitoring, working memory, etc. I don't know exactly what that means (honestly) and I'll probably cross post over on the LC board. 

I guess I'm wondering how to help an AL with EF difficulties? He's been struggling a lot with life in general lately, and I'm wondering if there are things I can do to at least make some things easier. 

One point that I find very confusing is that he scored well on the "Selected Executive Functions" os similarities, block design, and child trails B (whatever those are!) They are in the same section as his WISC and WRAML results (all high scores), and not in the same section as his very low CEFI results. I don't really know how to interpret this, and any insight would be appreciated!

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Sounds like ADHD, honestly. Or EFD at a minimum but many people believe they are the same thing. Look into resources for helping ADHD - not because your child does or does not have it but because ADHD resources are there to help with all those EFs you mentioned. I have three of these 2e kids - it's magnificently frustrating, and frustratingly magnificent at the same time.

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Sorry, cannot help with finding the thread you're talking about, but I found this book very informative and useful. It was suggested somewhere on this forum - unfortunately I do not remember where or by whom!

"Smart but Scattered" by Peg Dawson



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