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Summer Learning Plans


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For those who do something different over the summer, what are your learning plans?


I’m wanting to focus on spelling and copywork I think.

And my kids need to do something for math so they don’t forget everything they’ve learned.

Maybe I should try to do actually do art.


We take a bit of a break from regular school stuff due to all the swim team and golf stuff. But I’m trying to decide what we’ll do for school “lite†over the summer.


Any fun ideas? Share if you have any fun resources that you want to use this summer.

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DD5 learning this summer will be riding her bike w/o her training wheels, learn to roller skate, jump rope, swim, water balloon fights, fishing and any other outside activities we can think of for her.


Some school. Phonics/reading, practice writing and math.


She will be apart of our libraries summer reading program. She get a prize for every 6 books read. She loves prizes and is competitive.

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DD6 attends a Spanish immersion school and DS attends an english preschool.


DD6 (currently kinder) and DS 4 will be babysat by DDs kinder teacher one day a week to help maintain DDs Spanish and continue to introduce DS to the language. 


I plan to get a Reading Eggs and Mathseeds subscription. DD reads extremely well, so over the summer it will just be reinforcing her reading. DS is starting to read CVC words and we will work through Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading. 


Lots of Spanish tv, songs, and books.

Riding bikes without training wheels, roller skating, zoo, museum, camping, exploring outside, swim lessons.

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We always do a little math. Usually my goal is 2-3 lessons a week. This is the summer they will ALL finally memorize the times tables. Everyone reads too. My younger two struggle with reading so we have to keep practicing. My older two read constantly but I think this year I’ll assign them some books or give them a list to choose from. Next year I plan to do US history so we may get a jump on that this summer by visiting historic sites near us, memorizing states and capitals, memorizing the presidents, or doing a unit on our states history and geography. I haven’t really decided yet. I want to get in as much outdoor activity as possible. My kids get really sedentary over the winter and I need to get them moving.

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We only have 6 or 7 weeks left of school, so we are planning a big break until July 1st.


Our plans:


9th grader continue Algebra 1 over the break (he's getting an A, but he's crawling thru algebra 1)

7th grader and 4th grader keep doing independent reading and a read-aloud

Work on music.  We just bought the teens guitars last night.  10th grader has an acoustic and the 9th grader has an electric guitar.  They were up all night "playing" them.  Lol.

The 7th grader and 4th grader are going to start violin together.  

Try to get through the track season and ballet recital season in one piece...


So basically, concentrating on music, reading and extra-curriculars. 

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DD5 do light school 3 days a week, focusing on reading, copywork, and math so she keeps up her skills. I'm planning on creating a summer reading list, at least a book a week with regular trips to the library. We also plan on going to the Mcwane Science Center, the zoo, and some local historical areas. Finally, she'll be choosing a single topic for us to research and create a project. Last year we did space and created a solar system poster board as we learned about each planet. DS4 will focus on basic math/reading/speech skills as we ready him for kindergarten, pretty much the same thing we're doing now.

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