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How to save threads?

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I have been posting for a bit, but mostly lurking and reading. This forum is a treasure trove of ideas. My problem is that I can't seem to figure out how to save, bookmark conversations that I like and will need to refer later. 


Could anyone help? I do see people keep referencing old threads that are relevant to the conversations. But do they go and search for them every time? Or there is a way to save what is useful to the member?


I hope I am making sense. And hope someone could guide me or refer to some tutorial that I missed. 


Thank you so much!!!


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I use OneNote and just cut and paste the URL into a notebook I have specifically for Hive wisdom. Or if it's a specific post you are wanting to save, where the post # is on the upper right of the post box, there is the little sideways V type symbol. Click it and that specific entry will have it's URL pop up in a box you can cut and paste the link into a bookmark, or however you chose to save it. 


I don't think there is any way you can save it under your profile here on the forums though. The search feature is a little glitchy too, so I just bookmark them somewhere else. I know some people here also simply print the threads and keep them in a physical notebook. 


Also, when searching, sometimes you have better luck if you google the term you're looking for, followed by forums:welltrainedmind in the search bar. That will typically pull up a more accurate search than the forum searches. 



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Thank you so much Texasmom33!

So, no secret feature that I have missed. You gave me good ideas and I will see how to organize the things that are important to us. 


Thank you again! 


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