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What Heart Rate Monitor for OM Health?

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I know a number of people have used the Oak Meadow Integrated Health and Fitness course.  I'm having trouble finding the heart rate monitor that they recommend.  Has anyone either had any luck finding it or used a different one?  Just a plain one, not a Fitbit or anything like that. (When I called OM, they said many of their students were using Fitbits.)



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I ordered two of the ones they recommended, we couldn’t get them to work. My son ended up using my Fitbit HR, worked great!


Thank you! How frustrating that you couldn't get them to work.  That's why I'm trying to see what other options there are.  They aren't inexpensive, they're hard to find, and I can't find many reviews about them.  We don't have a Fitbit, so that isn't an option.  


I guess I'll keep looking.  Thanks again!

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