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Recruited athlete?

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BK is a senior and has been accepted to a couple of schools. She has her cheer resume online in the hopes of getting a coach’s attention and increasing her chances at getting on a team at one of the schools she has an acceptance to.


Instead, she’s being recruited by an NCAA D2 school for STUNT, which is the NCAA approved version of competitive cheer, and a relatively new sport.


I know that her mom hasn’t kept records beyond the bare minimum required for the cover school (basically a list of major Resources and a grade in January and June) for each class. How horrific would it be to have to try to do the clearinghouse stuff now? She has the ACT needed for D2. This isn’t something I’ve even considered having to deal with.

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I don't see "Stunt" on the list of sports that require going through the clearing house. (Go here, click DII, and scroll through — no Stunt on the list.) Not all sports require it — for example, men's rowing doesn't, even thought women's rowing does.


I would suggest she either ask the coach (although coaches can be clueless about some of this stuff) or just call the NCAA directly and ask if this is a sport that requires clearinghouse approval. She may not need to do anything, but if she does need to go through it, let me know and I can help walk her through it.

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Oh, I hope so! I don’t know if the school would be a good fit or not, but after reading all the clearinghouse threads, that had me nervous.

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