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Can anyone recommend a good math tutor?

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For Algebra II, Trig, PreCalc?  Specifically to prep for the math portion of the SAT (trying to get a score from the high 600s/low 700s to something better), but also to help in preparing for AP Calc this fall?


I've been teaching her (I have a math background), but at this point I really think she would benefit from someone other than me - a different perspective, a different way of thinking or approaching the problems, whatever.


Does anyone have an online tutor that they've used that they would recommend?  Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

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@rlestina - I'd look for an SAT tutor, not a math tutor. (Full disclosure: I am a SAT tutor)


The reason is that to do well on the SAT math section, you need to understand how to solve the math problem, not necessarily in the classic, formal way, but in a backyard-math sort of way. Most kids (esp. bright kids who are very comfortable doing classic formal math) simply never considered looking at math a different way - they are perfectly able to do so, but it just never occurred to them to look at it like that. 


(I had one student who used a fancy sequence/combination formula to find the answer. He got the right answer but it took too much time and he ran out of time by the end of the section. I showed him an easier, FASTER way to figure it out. He still got the answer correct, but his score jumped up b/c now he had more time to answer more questions.)


It's also helpful to know what's tested and in what way. For example: 90% of the time when they are testing exponent rules, they test multiplying the same base or some variation of that. They only rarely test negative exponents and subtracting exponents. So instead of teaching my students ALL the exponent rules, I concentrate on adding the exponents. (unless they are shooting for a very high score, in which case I make sure they understand ALL the exponent rules)

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