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serendipitous journey

7th Grade Planning 2018/2019

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I *almost* posted in the 8th grade thread. It went something like, "I have one of those! What IS she doing next year anyway? ... Oh. Wait. She's 8th grade NOW." Derr....

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I think I have it down..... mostly....


Hake grammar


WWS 2 


AoPS Algebra


Great Courses Joy of Science


Roman Roads Media Greeks


Art of Argument


Robotics Class


I'm still not sure about literature.... 



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Posted this in other thread also...


We are moving this summer, so I have no idea what may be available to us for extra curricular or physical activities. That helps me just focus on the academics right now.


R&S English 7

CLE Math 700 & possibly parts of 800


Finish Apples & Pears Spelling

SL H - history part only

SL Science F

Fallacy Detective

MP First Form Latin

MP Lit Guides for The Hobbit, Anne of Green Gables & The Bronze Bow

MP Geography II

MP Christian Studies IV

Some kind of typing program

Read alouds with the family


Not sure about art, music, and some kind of personal devotion resource. We've been moving so often that learning an instrument has fallen by the wayside. Hoping this year that changes!

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I don't know why I'm overthinking 7th grade!! My last 7th grader. ?  Makes me a bit sad. 

I have TONS of ideas... just starting to narrow things down and trying to get ds's opinion. 

I'm hoping to either teach a book club/themed poetry teatime and/or science class for middle schoolers. We have actually named our reading group:  Reading Cafè with Treats, Teas, & Tales.... I will be incorporating Annotating Literary Elements to our BW Arrow/Pouch of Arrow selections, themed poetry once a month, short stories thrown in, and LOTS of fun activities, and treats, to ignite the love of reading! I will have a Facebook Page hopefully by the end of summer if anyone is interested in checking it out.

This may change a billion times before summer!

Math:  Keep on with CLE, finish 600, then start 700 or Mr. D Pre-Algebra or TT Pre-Alg b/c it's on the shelf, or MM Pre-Algebra. Ugh!...the decisions! HELP! He may not get to Pre-Alg until 8th grade... so I'm not going to overthink this.  

History: 2nd half of American History (Notgrass & videos) stretch 15 units to 30 weeks. Alternate with Painless Government. Selected Read Alouds for each Unit. Making a schedule for this so he can work independently. 

Science:  Bookshark 7 Robotics/Technology/Engineering, omitting the Earth Science weeks b/c we took care of that for 6th grade with Oak Meadow. So that leaves 25 weeks. Then we may add in some Biology topics for 8-10 weeks.  Decided to go with RSO Level 2 Biology

Writing:  IEW Theme book: Rockets, Radar, & Robiotics Tech-Based Writing OR Jump In...still researching this. Journal:  BW Free Write Fridays.

Grammar:  Grammar through literature and Fix It Robin Hood or Word Study (RiL)

Vocabulary:  WordBuild free online or looking into RiL Rita Cevasco's Word Study Curriculum which incorporates spelling, vocabulary, and grammar.

Literature: Reading Cafè with Treats, Teas, & Tales:  From the Mixed-Up Files....., Holes, A Long Way from Chicago, Where the Mountain Meets the Moon, The Shakespeare Stealer, Love That Dog. Short stories and poetry, too. 

Logic:  Fallacy Detective

Continue Boys Health... boot camp exercises with Dad.

I may sign him up for 1 or 2 classes online with Outschool or Coding on FundaFunda Acad. Just noticed this link to free computer basics from poster on K-8 board:  (Have I mentioned how much I love this Forum?!)

Ongoing Project:  He and his dad are converting a schoolbus into a teen hangout and building an outhouse right outside of it.


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