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8th Grade Planning Thread 2018-19 Updated 8-17-18


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Math: AoPS Geometry

Writing: mix of Bravewriter Help for High School, WWS2, and my own assignments

Literature: homemade list

Science: integrated, homemade.  DS is also working on an independent chemistry project that may become a science fair project.

History and art: ancients, homemade

Hebrew and Judaics: at private school

Extra: cello, sports (still figuring this one out), volunteering at science center, web design business



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I THINK it's going to look like this...

Language arts: AG, which we're doing over the summer to get season one out of the way; MBtP literature units (not sure which ones yet); Vocabulary from Classical Roots; Writing Strands

Math: This is always a difficult one for her. She kind of wants to go back to MUS for pre-algebra this year. We've really had a hard time finding a good fit for her. 

History: We're going to try TRISMS again, but I'm going to try to sneak it under the radar, if I can. LOL! I will probably throw in some lap books, since she likes to be crafty. Her older sister (10th grade) kind of wants to do some, too. 

Science: Elemental Science

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For DS here is what I have so far...

Math - Jacobs ALgebra

Science - Apologia Physical Science w/lab

World Geography - using some of this and that, and hope we can really dig into this.

LA - Writers in Residence, Spelling (he will need spelling practice every year), Vocab from latin roots

Lit - we are reading books to go along with our Geography.

Logic - Finish Art of Argument, Nonsense

He will also have basketball, serve team at church, youth group, volunteering, etc. so busy with extra curriculars.

I really want him to use this year to develop some of his interests and explore some new things.  He is really into video games (go figure!) so I'd love to find some ays to explore that with him.  He also detests art, but might try to get him into painting or finding some art he is interested in.  I want to giv him some time to develop interests a little more this year.


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  • 3 weeks later...

After a soft start of half days, we just had our first full week. My 13yo daughter is doing:

Jacob's Algebra

Apologia's Physical Science and for fun she is reading the Master Books Applied Engineering books. (She wanted to do both, so I told her to skip the written work for Applied Engineering. It takes less than 10 minutes of reading per day if she skips the digging deeper research). She's expressed an interest in engineering or architecture. 

Rod & Staff English 7 (we tried Latin Alive last year in place of grammar but it was a bust - skipping the composition assignments because we do writing in Tapestry)

Tapestry of Grace Year 2: History, Literature, Writing, Worldview, Fine Arts. She's at the Dialectic level, but she may do some Rhetoric Literature reading this year.

Logic: The Thinking Toolbox once a week.

Spelling - a list of words every week from her own misspelled words. We finished AAS7, but I've given up trying remedial spelling with her. 

Latin - Oh how I want to try Latin again, but after two failed attempts she has no desire to try again. After looking into Duane Thomas' Visual Latin, I think it would be a good fit for her. I'll see how we're doing in a couple of weeks, but I'm afraid to add this to Tapestry of Grace and Rod & Staff. I think I would have to drop something (maybe Worldview and Logic?), so that she wouldn't be overwhelmed. And do I really want to fight that battle if she doesn't want to do it?

Extras: Homeschool band once a week, Speech & Debate every other Friday afternoon

She feels really good about her course load as it is. Somehow we need to work in some PE. This will be her first year not participating in homeschool enrichment classes, but we're adding band and speech & debate club in their place. 


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We'll be starting our 10th year homeschooling and I'll have an 8th grader and almost 2 yr old.

My soon to be 8th grader will be doing BJU Distance learning again. She has totally excelled with this program and I've been very happy with it.

Last year we used Notgrass From Adam to Us and loved it. I can't afford Notgrass this year so she'll be doing BJU's American Republic. 

We're adding in "Plague!" Problem Based Learning by Shelagh Gallagher.  I purchased it a few years ago and just found it while cleaning out my closet. She's old enough now that I think she'll get a lot out of it. 

For PE she does competition karate. She is training for 2024 Olympics. She's trained in Lake Placid at the Olympic Training Center and in early spring she'll be competing in El Salvador. 

My almost 2 yr old will be doing tot school. 

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On 3/8/2018 at 11:14 PM, Targhee said:

Forcing myself to write this early stages plan so I think about it more, and see everyone else€™s updates. We started last week


ELA: LToW very slowly, and maybe onlineG3 lit again,  Patchwork of things including LToW essays 1-7, parts of Writers INC and MCT Essay Voyage as well, Magic Lens 1, Jacob's Ladder 4, Killgallon, Poetry and Humanity, mom-directed lit


Latin: Lukeion Latin 1 (the one thing that seems certain)


Math: do the next thing with AOPS (preA is taking a while, but that€™s OK, I have Intro to Alg and C&P ready when he is) He's doing the AOPS online Algebra A starting OCT


History: ?? He likes OnlineG3 histories her€™s done, but he will be combining with oldest so I’m not positive which class yet. Big History with OnlineG3


Science: either at the middle school or Marine Ecology by Mom (using a few texts, Great Courses, and a couple of trade books)


Electives: band (middle school), private sax lessons, soccer, parkour, scouting merit badges, NaNoWriMo, Superstar Student, Music Theory for Electronic Musicians


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I never wrote in this thread.


8th grade son is doing:

Algebra I -- AOPS

Early Modern/Modern History, minus the US parts, from k12 Human Odyssey (which he loves)

Early Modern/Modern Literature, partly from History Odyssey's suggestions, partly my own list

Selected parts of WWS 1/2 plus another writing book I picked up for later in the year.

Apologia Physical Science

Latin Alive 1

DuoLingo Spanish

Martial arts

The Fallacy Detective, The Thinking Toolbox, Art of Poetry

Public speaking (co-op), and some other co-op classes for fun/enrichment

Playing the guitar

Various "how to draw" books

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I am not sure how I feel about where we are .

Finish Jacob's Geometry. Move on to...? Something undetermined.

Literary Lesson with Lord of the Rings  and Grammar -- just working on Best Grammar Workbook Ever will probably add some Help for High School Bravewriter at some point if we need more. (Did WWS1 last year but not really looking to continue in that vein.)

Japanese - currently using the "From Zero" series and Duo.

Coding - Doing a edX course right now and the coding club at our library... plans to build a drone using his raspberry pi and the maker lab at the library for 3D printing etc...

Music - Piano and composition (weekly class through our homeschool group and lessons)

Drawing - through our co-op plus this and that

PE - Martial Arts plus regular hiking.

Science/History/Social Studies... I brought this child home starting in 6th and he has done highly academic and demanding work in these areas the last two years (Geology, Astronomy, Big History Project, British History, Modern US History, Chemistry and Neuroscience)  -- but we wanted a change of pace, so we're doing an interest-led unit studies sort of approach this year. Right now we're doing "Oceans" (a mix of Oceanography, Geography, Marine Biology, and a Great Courses series on Great Voyages (Which currently has him reading St. Brendan)... he wants our next thing, starting in October to be "Hogwarts" so I'm looking at Botany/"Herbology" resources, additional Chemistry (we did some Chemistry last year, but I have a whole pile of lab materials just waiting to be used so it's an easy tackle to just do lab intensive) for "Potions" and I don't know what else... He has studied British history in some depth but we might do a unit on Scotland specifically. Might add some "Hogwarts is Here". Not sure what else. Will stick this course through Christmas and then see if we want something more traditional for the second semester or to continue this approach. Trying to be more... open to his interests and doing some varied things. This might be a good time to focus on his handwriting.

So yeah... that's where we sort of are.

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Oh man... 8th grade was hard to figure out!

Bible - Old Story Made New with the siblings

Math - Saxon 1/2

History and literature - Sonlight F 

Grammar - Hake 8

Writing - The Creative Writer (also taking a poetry class using IEW Grammar of Poetry)

Science - Apologia Marine Biology

Latin - Lively Latin


Art, Art of Argument, and Spanish at our co-op

I feel like I'm forgetting a subject? Am I forgetting a subject?

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On 1/31/2018 at 4:37 PM, freesia said:

History: Tapestry of Grace Year 4  We aren't doing our mini-co-op for this this year which I think will be better for him

Literature:  Continue book club with Tapestry books--also probably doing a couple of units from Homeschool connections Academy: Humor in Lit and a Mysteries class

Writing: Writing through Homeschool Connections Academy recorded class with me.  Grammar:  to Rod and Staff.  He will probably also need to keep going with spelling.

Math:Saxon Algebra

Spanish: continue through Spanish I--with Excelerate

Science: Spaceflight and Related Science; Physical Science from Homeschool Connections Academy recorded classes

Computer Science classes with the Homeschool Connections Academy classes

 Health: ABeka; Music: guitar lessons; praise and worship band at co-op;

Art: Create a Masterpiece  PE: daily run and TKD

 FLL, Youth group

In some ways he's my hardest worker, in some ways he's my hardest student, I fear he will be my hardest teen--but maybe he got it out of his system or maybe I've learned to work with him. Still worried about this point.  He is definitely in teen boy moody mode. I am going to be a lot more hands on with his education this year which I think will be good for him. (Last year my friend did middle school writing and history with him and I did her high schooler.) If it doesn't go well, we will really need to consider school for him.


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On 7/8/2018 at 11:06 AM, Mommy2BeautifulGirls said:

I THINK it's going to look like this...

Language arts: AG, which we're doing over the summer to get season one out of the way; MBtP literature units (not sure which ones yet); Vocabulary from Classical Roots; Writing Strands

Math: This is always a difficult one for her. She kind of wants to go back to MUS for pre-algebra this year. We've really had a hard time finding a good fit for her. 

History: We're going to try TRISMS again, but I'm going to try to sneak it under the radar, if I can. LOL! I will probably throw in some lap books, since she likes to be crafty. Her older sister (10th grade) kind of wants to do some, too. 

Science: Elemental Science


I ended up revising this a little bit. We're going to try Lift of Fred and I'm going to do a few of the MBtP history units with her. Here's a link to my blog post about it, if anyone is interested in reading it. https://acoordinatedlife.com/8th-grade-homeschool-plan-for-h/ I also forgot to add that she's doing Fallacy Detective and French at our co-op. Which reminds me... I need to get her French books ordered. LOL

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  • 2 weeks later...

I agree that 8th was hard to figure out somehow! Here's our lineup:

LA: WWS (with some selected parts of Killgallon and W&R), Vocab from Classical Roots, Sentence Diagramming, LOTS of reading, poetry, and Shakespeare on the side ?

Math: AOPS

History: SWB's The History of the Medieval World (& listening in to SOTW2)

Science: Earth Science/Novare (& listening in to Wile's Science in the Ancient World), Natural History/Nature Study co-op

Latin: Schole Academy Latin I using Latin Alive (her first online course!)

Spanish: DuoLingo

Geography: homegrown studies in countries and cultures

Typing: The Good and the Beautiful

Extracurricular: Tap/Ballet/Jazz/Hip Hop, Field Hockey

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On 3/9/2018 at 9:03 AM, Where's Toto? said:

8th grade seems so old.   :willy_nilly:


We've had a year with a lot of things needing a step back so mostly we are going to continue what's been going on this year.


Math - Foerster's Algebra.  Once that's done we'll start Jacobs Geometry, possibly doing Algebra 2 at the same time (which is how I did it in school and some of our local schools do it) but taking more than one year.

Mosdos Literature

Wordsmith then maybe Beyond the Book Report and/or Brave Writer

Not sure about Grammar

Not sure if we'll pick up vocabulary again or not (would be Vocabulary from Classical Roots if we do)

History I'm hoping to finish up Ancients by the end of summer and move on to Medieval.   We've been really slack with history.  We'll continue with History Odyssey and Acellus videos probably.

Science is completely covered with them taking my classes.  In addition to various enrichment stuff (like Zombies or programming), I'll be teaching full year courses next year.  I'm not sure which one I'll have him/them take yet.  

They'll continue with Spanish through Acellus

Geography through Acellus

Music through Acellus


They'll continue with TKD and hiking.  



Quoting myself to update since quite a bit has changed since March.

Still continuing with Foerster's Algebra.   

Decided not to do another year of Mosdos.  I like the program but I think I want more novels less short stories.  We're going to do random novel studies.  I have the MBTP guide for A Wrinkle In Time and we're going to start with that, doing it all together.  I have a few other guides, including The Giver which will be number 2.  I'm just waiting for both kids to be done with their current books to start A Wrinkle in Time (ds is reading The Golden Compass, while dd is still working her way through the Joust series).

Just received Beyond the Book Report so ds will be doing that as well.  Maybe both of them.  I have to look at it before I decide if dd is ready for it.

Vocabulary from Classical Roots B is on back-order so I don't have it for ds, but I have A for dd.

We let our subscription to Acellus drop when the price went up and it appears they were no longer going to be secular.   I have a few things I'm looking at for History, Geography, Spanish, Art and Music.  

Ds quit TKD due to a bully, but dd is continuing.  We joined the Y so we go there to workout.

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On 4/28/2018 at 10:42 AM, mlktwins said:

ACK!!!  I feel so behind!!! :sad::biggrin:

So far I have have:

Math - AOPS Alegbra 1 VideoText Algebra

Writing - WWS 2

Grammar - Analytical Grammar

Vocabulary - Vocab from Classical Roots A & B (B and hopefully C)

Literature - Figuratively Speaking and ??? using Lori D.'s list provided in this post.

Science - ??? Bite-Sized Physics and 2 Ellen McHenry units.

History - ??? Finish US History Detectives Book 2 and see where we are at.  Might read through SOTW books again and add some extra reading.  Maybe watch some Great Courses.

Spanish - ??? Visual Link Spanish 1

My boys want to do a semester on finance, economics, stocks, etc. so I'm working that out.  Going to use Whatever Happened to Penny Candy? with The Bluestocking Guide and and activity book Understanding Investment & The Stock Market.

They play baseball and swim year round for extra activities.  Will hopefully They will start volunteering at our library for 8th grade few weeks.

Why are the spaces between my lines so big -- LOL :ph34r:????


OK.  A few additions and changes.

We are adding Fallacy Detective and Thinking Toolbox for Logic.  Just reading together and discussing.

We start Tuesday.  Big decisions this year with what to do for high school.  Gonna try and savor every moment of this year in case it is my last homeschooling them.

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added Logic
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