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I have seven kids and my oldest are 8th grade twins.  We've been doing R&S Grammar since 5th grade and I had planned on continuing them through the program for grades 9-10.  However, I've been checking out Grammar for the WTM and am considering switching for DD who will be in grade 5 next year.  


1. Those of you who have tried Grammar for WTM, what do you think?  Should I make the switch for my younger kids?  I already have all the R&S books for grades 5-8, but at different points I will have 3 logic age kids and it could be nice to have them all in the same program.


2. If I go with Grammar for WTM for my logic age kids, should I keep my HS kids in R&S or make the switch for them too?  They could do 2 years for WTM with me and my logic age kids, then review?  Or help me teach my logic age kids once they are in grades 11-12?


Thanks for your input!


*note: I'm also posting this in the High School Forum

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We did FLL1-4 and then last year we did Fix-It and about half  of Jr. Analytical Grammar.  My intention was to switch to AG this year, in part because I had no idea when this product (Grammar for the WTM) would come out.  Then JAG was a crash and burn for us--so we switched when the sample came out for Grammar for the WTM.


Some impressions:  This is exactly what we needed in terms of scope.  I like that it mixes mechanics issues like capitalization, commas, etc. in with the other concepts.  I like the format for the most part. It is relatively easy to follow, like FLL. It is teacher intensive. This is not a book you "assign" to a kid.  That's fine for us, but might be a consideration for you with your older kids.  We are getting to concepts I have never had before and I am not quite 100% grasping them, so I am grateful that we are going to touch on them again in the next three books.


Some caveats:  as mentioned in another thread, there are typos/errors and not all of them are posted on the WTM website (not sure why). Several of us have submitted errata.  For me, the concern is that I will miss an error in the text because diagramming is not part of my background. Fortunately when I recently had doubts about something, I posted on here and others confirmed that there seemed to be an error.  So, just be aware you are buying the 1st edition of a brand new curriculum with four books (student, teacher, key, rules).  



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Having a pile of kids, I understand your plight. I'm very much looking forward to the point when I can combine my kids in grammar because of the way this is outlined. My 4th grader is finishing up FLL 4, but I think he'll take 5th grade off because this program is a lot of work. Good stuff, but a lot of work.

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