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Volunteering to help high school students with guidance for college

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In this thread a small side discussion started:


I decided to go with Big Brothers and Big Sisters

thank you Tsuga


there was some discussion about Ustrive

they seem legit but I would suggest they get a large donor such as the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation to cover background check fee costs for volunteers (just MHO). 





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Our local Boys and Girls club has a teen group that could use volunteers for this type of thing. I just started volunteering there a few months ago and I am working with younger children. My DS is only in 9th grade, but as I get experience helping him, I hope to transition into that group and offer my help. I'm sure it's probably a national program. Not online though. Kudos to you for helping. Last year I read scholarship applications for our local community foundation and discovered many kids who would have benefitted from more guidance. It's definitely needed. 

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So, have you got something worked out to do this online or are you doing it from home? I'd love to hear more details Mark. I've often thought this is something I'd like to do. There are too many kids that get no advice or bad advice.


I knew a kid in the foster system who took (and passed) algebra 3 times at 3 different schools because he was shuffled to different homes each year. He thought this was a blast because it was so easy, but he wanted to go to college and had to start at the CC to remediate math. No one had bothered to tell him that while he met the state graduation requirement of 3 math classes Algebra 1 or higher, it was still not a good move and would have repercussions. His case is pretty extreme, but there is a lot of bad advice being peddled.

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I work for my local library system, so my approach to this was to write a series of classes to teach high schoolers (and their parents) about how to find and use free resources to manage the college application process. 


I doubt my idea was unique. I'm often surprised at how few people know what great programs are offered by local libraries, so I would strongly suggest checking to see if libraries in your area already offer something. 

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