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What I finally realized is that no one really has time in their day to do all the 'best' curricula as these are usually the ones that are the 'most intense'.  Maybe pick one of them if that was going to be your signature focus of study for the year to boost up either low scores or natural areas of strength.


When our dc were younger, we picked a literature-based history curriculum because of that desire to center the bulk of our school day around a particular historical theme and then watch videos, read books, do field trips all related to a specific time period in history.  It was fun.  But we sacrificed other things that we could have been doing in order to actually GET DONE that history curriculum.  Adding 'All About Spelling' and Shurley Grammar and heavy doses of Latin into that mix would have been overwhelming.  But not to say I didn't think about it, lol!


Bingo!  Finally figured out why I'm always overwhelmed!  I think I've been trying to do what I perceive as "the best" in all areas.  It's just not possible.  Both in terms of my energy level--what I bring to the table teaching-wise--and in terms of getting school done in a reasonable amount of time each day. 


Started homeschool out not living a very balanced life and putting a lot of pressure on DD1--trying to find our sweet spot...  The last year or so we've found balance and now I stress that it's not all being covered to the "utmost degree".  I don't transfer that stress to DC anymore, but I do stress internally, quietly about it, LOL.    


So a new strategy could be: Focus on 1-2 areas of study (actually, probably the 3R's for us because I think they're the most valuable at our stage) that I bring all of my focus to, pick the "best" curricula for, etc....and let some of the lesser subjects be "just OK" or "sufficient" this year.  

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