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Sonlight LA for K

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I'm wondering if anyone has had a positive experience using Sonlight LA for Kindergarten.  I am planning on using Writing With Ease/First Language Lessons in 1st grade but am unsure if I should have a LA component to my kindergarten curriculum.  I will be using AAR for phonics, HWT for handwriting, and I was even thinking of throwing in some Get Set For The Code workbooks (because I feel like each HWT book is too short to cover an entire year).  Does Sonlight LA offer anything unique or is it much the same in terms of a mixture of phonics and handwriting?

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Personally, I think reading and handwriting is plenty for K! You might like this article on planning LA as you think through priorities. You won't need Sonlight for the phonics or handwriting sections because you've got that covered. You could use the Creative Expression section though. Some of these activities are additional handwriting practice or reinforcement of phonics concepts. The 5th day has the student do creative things like finish a story (orally–you act as scribe and write it down for your child). We chose to do some of these (my kids liked it if I typed up their story and left them room to paint a picture on the page), depending on our time that week. We skipped them during busier weeks though. Children have many years to work on story-telling skills. If you are reading aloud to your child and interacting on a daily basis, your child will develop good communication skills. HTH some!

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