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Prodigy Vs Mathseeds


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I’m looking at these two math programs to supplement math over holidays and the summer. Dd attends K at a Spanish immersion school and they use istation to do math at home if they want (it’s extra and not required) My 6yo (kinder) dd loves prodigy as practice at home. I don’t really want to pay for it though and my 4yo can’t really do it yet. We’ve used the trialnof mathseeds and both DD and my 4yo pre-K boy enjoyed it. Mathseeds does seem to teach concepts better.


If you were going to pay for one of these, which would you do? Does Mathseeds go higher than a 2nd grade level? DDs breezing through the 1st grade material in prodigy.

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Prodigy is free. The subscription gets your other features in game play like leveling up, pets, etc. The math practice is free to all users. Prodigy is math practice and is not intended to teach math if that makes sense. So if Math Seeds has lessons, it is distinctly going to be different from that perspecitve.


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