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Middle gal (who is current gap year) has done CLEP prep courses for

1. Sociology (fall 2017 was different course than current I think?  First we covered material in an edX arizona state course with stop/start dates and discussion forum.  Then did the brush up on Modern states, and we bought REA guide for practices of the test.  passed the real test.  I don't think that's the current way MS does sociology)   For some reason that I don't reason, I didn't ask for the free voucher.


2. US History to 1877.  When middle gal was grade 11, she did BJU text for high school (using mfw's lesson plans).  She studied from Modern States as brush up for a few weeks. Had some REA practice tests (bought that way back when she was in grade 11) and passed easily with real deal.  Remembered to ask for free voucher this time and it was legit and they paid the test costs.  It was December holiday madness and I forgot to upload the "test center fee" to them, but they would have paid that too. (eta: this thread inspired me to dig out the receipt and file for that. )


3. currently finishing US history 2.  Again, she did a high school version (using the second half o BJU and mfw).  So she's brushing up and getting ready for CLEP in a few weeks.


4. and she is also doing the precalculus clep course.  That will be a while to be ready.  The college she intends to enroll will not accept the college alg or math CLEP but will do the pre calc.   She did Saxon advanced algebra in grade 12.  so we'll see how that goes.


Reviews:  they did give legit vouchers for test fee.  Those are supposedly limited so when the 10,000 run out, I guess that's done???


I don't know if the courses would be full courses, but I know my daughter is reading all stuff and not just watching the videos.  I think the intent is these MOOC are done after you've had high school class in subject and just need to go the extra step to get ready to take the test.  However, she's spending a lot of time every day in it. If I were logging hours, I might lean toward class/credit.  But she's graduated, so I'm not mindful of that.  Others do not consider a class like this to be anything other than preparation for the test and not a way to learn the material.


We felt that we needed more than the practice offered at Modern States to do her best on the real tests.  That's why we got REA guides, and access to the peterson's practice tests (we are eligible via dept of defense, although some public libraries have those as well)


Soc and history were straightforward to do the class. and she passed those tests well.  I anticipate that she'll do fine in the us part 2.


We're figuring out the pre calc as we go in terms of do you just watch the video and do just the "homework", do you do all the odds in the optional text?  I'm sure we'll end up regretting trying this one and she'll end up taking a math course for her non-stem major.  But worth the effort?  dh has the math degree so he is teaching her after she attempts problems. We'll keep trying  with this one and either take the test by June or give up.  Going very slowly in this. I probably should have done better in grade 11 and 12 with her saxon work.


We plan to try biology and humanities after US history 2.



(edit to add update on this thread http://forums.welltrainedmind.com/topic/670093-modern-states/

she passed US 2 clep and then biology, and now Pre Calc.  all this semester. yippee!!! and yes Modern States still has vouchers for us.

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