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Saxon Placement help, please?

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My 13yo is begging me to switch him to Saxon. 


He's currently working through MUS Zeta (decimals/percents). He's used Saxon before at a classical school, did fine with it there. He hates conceptual leaps - likes everything predictable. I was the same way at his age. Loved Saxon, hated mastery programs.


But I'm not sure where to place him. We were going to finish up Zeta, and then work through Pre-Algebra, with either MUS or Saxon. 


Gave him a Saxon placement test, and he scored lower than I thought he would- by that test he'd place into 7/6. But when I look over what he missed on the test, it is stuff that just isn't covered in MUS, or hasn't been reviewed for a looong time.


He wants to just continue in the Algebra 1/2 book we have on the shelf. I think he likes the look and feel of it. 


I'm leaning toward placing in 8/7, because of all the review of decimals/percents/fractions. Is that a big mistake? If he needs to do 7/6, then we'll do it. Just hate to place too low and waste time/money/effort...

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How close was he to placing into 8/7? I'd go with the placement test unless he was just 1 or 2 points off.


You could have him give 1/2 a whirl since you own it, if he's not the type to get discouraged at moving to 7/6 if needed.

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How close was he with the placement test? 


What did he miss on the placement test?  Saxon wraps so many different topics in their books while MUS covers one topic per book (usually).  Could whatever he missed be covered easily with something like Key to....? 


1/2 moves quicker than 87.  If he scored into 76, I think I would be cautious about jumping into 1/2 since it does move faster unless you can teach the concepts he missed on the placement test to bring him up to speed

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If he was close to 87 I would use that instead of 1/2.  You can do 87 and then just move into Algebra 1.  87 will move a little slower and there will be a lot more reinforcement for him so you can make sure he has a good grounding before Algebra.  If you feel he needs more review after 87 you could do 1/2 and then Algebra 1.  It is better to go a little slower and have a solid base rather than move too quickly.

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