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Honors College Interview

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My dd has two interviews for 2 different specialty tracks within the Honors College to which she's been accepted. We've been doing mock interviews but these will be her first real ones. Please suggest some possible questions. Thank you



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Pick up some college application guide books from your library.  I'm finding that they include long lists of interview questions for undergraduate applicants that might apply to scholarship applicants as well.  


ETA:  Make sure your student has some good questions for the interviewer as well.  (Such questions can also be found in the books mentioned above.)

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We did a workshop on college interviews last fall. Many of these questions will also work for your daughter:

Most Common Questions:

1.    Why do you want to attend this college?
2.    What are your academic strengths? What are your academic weaknesses?
3.    How have you prepared for college?
4.    What are your future career plans?
5.    What can you tell me about your extracurricular interests?
6.    Do you have a favorite book? A favorite author?
7.    What accomplishment are you most proud of?
8.    What personal qualities can you contribute to the student body?
9.    What do you do for fun?
10.    Who is your hero?

Questions to Ask the Interviewer
Academic Questions
1. Are classes primarily taught by professors or teaching assistants?
2. How does the college promote student/faculty contact?
3. How do students receive help selecting classes?
4. What kinds of special projects, seminars, or other experiences are offered?
5. What opportunities are there to do research for faculty?

Social Questions
1. What are the students like at your school? How would you characterize the student body in general terms?
2. What do students do for fun at this school?

Career Questions
1. What kinds of internships are available through your college? What types of internships have other students participated in?
2. Do many students participate in service-learning classes (i.e., classes with required internships)? If so, what kinds of service opportunities do they have?
3.What kind of career placement opportunities does the college offer?


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