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South/Southwest Houston park day meet up

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I'm attempting to organize a park day meet up for the South/Southwest side of the greater Houston area. It will most likely be somewhere in Pearland as that's fairly central. Date/Time/Location TBD. 


PM me if you're interested and as I figure this out I'll get you more info. 


I want to make it clear- this is open to ALL. It won't be limited by homeschooling style, church attendance, group membership or anything else. I know we tend to bag on Classical Conversations here a bit as having run all of the other homeschool groups away, but this isn't excluding anyone who is a member of CC. If you're in CC and are interested, you're welcome!!  If you're an unschooler, you're welcome. You don't have to be Classically educating. You don't have to be a certain religious persuasion. I want something for those of us who don't fit a box, don't want to/can't afford to pay for a membership, and/or don't want to have to sign up for an ideology in exchange for a homeschooling community. 


The one thing it won't be though is a FaceBook group. I don't do FaceBook.  :) But I'll figure something else out. Bear with me while I sort through the logistics!  

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I found a park in Pearland that I think would be nice for a park meet up. We're planning to go on Friday, February 9 around 1pm. If you're interested in joining us, PM me and I will send you the address of where we'll be. 

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