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Without looking it up, do you know what the next few words are in this song?

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Rain starts to pour




It rhymes with the fourth line of the chorus (Like I've been there before).


I didn't watch Friends, but I liked the song (it was on the radio all the time... it's by The Rembrandts).

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...rain starts to pour.


My daughter and her friends did this song for an ASL variety show, reenacting parts of the opening credits while signing the song.  (The songs for the show are played for people who don't know sign). 


The entire variety show is translated, choreographed and produced by the kids performing. Everything is done by the high school ASL program so even kids who aren't comfortable on stage can help out.  It is an amazing night and is such a popular show, they had to start performing 2 nights and are still sold out shows.  

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