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Small Victory

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Some of you may or may not know that I homeschool a teen with autism. He struggles with the writing process. Both putting ideas on paper (through any medium) and the physical act of writing are PAINFUL for him.


Today during the dreaded "writing time" he rebuffed all my suggestions for topics. I thought for sure he was headed for a meltdown/ confrontation. Instead, he asked me if he could use MS Word. I readily agreed. He went to work and a few minutes later came back with a paragraph entitled "Why Do Adults Drink Coffee?"  I was stunned. It was adequate length and funny to boot. Yes, it had a few grammatical errors, but this time for sure I did not focus on them. Instead, I praised him for getting it done and for typing! (He has always rejected typing. This is a true breakthrough.)


I am planning on putting him back in PS next year. He really needs to be able to write out answers to things and to do that he needs to be able to type. 


Doing the happy dance right now!



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