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inattentive math errors--how to grade, how to help

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Wow. I really had no idea about vitamin D. I've been giving it to both kids with yogurt and magnesium at night for a really long time. 


I do iron in the morning with breakfast (he tends to be deficient, and I can better control what isn't going to inhibit absorption meal wise first thing). I switched D to lunchtime or no later than afternoon. Maybe I need to rethink all that though. I just do one dose. Maybe I should make sure that's lunch and no later? Is afternoon too late? 


Is fish oil ok, if it's not cod liver/with D? I have tended to do that at bedtime too. 


Thanks for that information. I really had no idea. I hate that I've been doing it wrong all this time. 



I am going to use the Rozerem for reset as needed. I hesitate to use it night after night, because right now I think it holds some pyschological power for him as much as anything. I found an extended release  3 mg melatonin, and we've been using that (regular 3 mg has caused night waking, so we've gone lower. This extended doesn't seem to do that.)


I am letting him wake himself now. I do think that should have been done long ago, and with the Rozerem I think I can help him reset if he starts to creep more and more out of sync with life. 


edited to add: I just did some reading and found a study that indicated that over-all serum levels of D correlated to melatonin production (negatively--higher D, lower melatonin). Pretty unfortunate! 

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Why so late on the D? I'm missing it. That iron could be any time and it could be food sources like molasses and raisins. The D needs to start at breakfast. It will literally help wake him up. Does it not do this to you? It's seriously like an upper. It will actually wake him up. If I wanted to stay up all night, I could just sit there and pop D, pop D. Seriously.


If 5,000 IU has his blood levels in the right range (80-100), then all you need to do is change the timing. It should be first thing or in divided doses, breakfast and lunch. Like literally give it to him early, like 8am, and say hey take this and you can go back to sleep as long as you want. It will help reset his internal alarm. 


I just switched us to a D with K2, and I'm really, really liking it. Apparently your gut is supposed to produce K2, and the K2 helps the D work better. There are also funky anecdotes about autism and K2. All I know is I switched my ds to a D with K2 and my ds started hugging people. It's really, really noticeable because it's such a change. And it's me AND dh that he's doing this with. He's just walking up to us and hugging us and sitting on our laps and letting us rub his head and we're like WOW where did this come from...


Anyways, that D with K2 comes in a 2500 iu with an amount of K2 that varies with the brand. So I'm giving ds that morning and lunch. I'm giving him magnesium in addition to a calcium magnesium at breakfast and before bed. He's going to bed faster and better than I've EVER  seen him. Usually he could fall asleep within 2 hours, and we just sorta made it work. Now he's in bed and OUT in 20 minutes. It's astonishing.



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Interesting I learned something I didn't know. I am going to have my sons Vitamin D checked and give it to him in the morning. Also I am required by my doctor to take it so  I am going to move that to the morning. 


As an aside my son was having some errors in something that I knew he was capable of it was just inattentiveness so I got back out the white boards and had us pass them back and forth. He would do a problem check it for completeness then pass it to me. I would check it for neatness, completeness and accuracy and instantly give him feedback. It seems to really be helping. 


Also I am going to have to check on magnesium. I haven't found a dose or administrating element that works without giving stomach cramps. 

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Hey Sbgrace, I was just checking, how is your ds doing with his new vitamin D timing and sleep? Any improvement? Every time I give my ds his vitamin D, I think of you. :)

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