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Accommodations for dyslexia

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SAT is much slower to respond than ACT — I think it took 6-8 weeks for SAT and less than 2 weeks for ACT. So start the process well before your first testing date, since you may need to appeal if they reject the paperwork the first time. The ACT application is online, so all documentation had to be scanned in, but the SAT application is all hardcopy — you request an application, which they mail to you, and then you fill it out, attach all your documentation, and mail it back. There are deadlines on the SAT website that tell you the cutoff date for requesting accommodations for each test date.


I included (1) a copy of DS's original evaluation (age 10) diagnosing "specific language disorder," (2) his most recent evaluation diagnosing slow processing speed and attention deficits (I think the most recent evaluation had be within 3 yrs), (3) a letter from the psychiatrist in our previous state who originally diagnosed ADD, (4) a letter from his current doctor confirming that this diagnosis was still present, (5) a "Background and History" document I wrote explaining that symptoms were present from a young age, what difficulties they caused, how I accommodated his disabilities while homeschooling, etc., and (6) the required application form.


When kids have an IEP in a B&M school, they generally just take the school's word for it, and don't require so much documentation. But for homeschoolers, you kind of have to present the info as if your student has an IEP at home. For example, I listed "accommodations" like extended time on all tasks including tests, allowing frequent breaks, providing a quiet workspace with minimal distractions, allowing audio input (audiobooks and recorded lectures), allowing oral output, etc.


Pay VERY close attention to the specific criteria the student has to meet, the specific documentation they will accept as proof, and exactly how they want that documentation worded. I know of several people who had to appeal a denial, at least one of whom was also rejected on appeal. So I made sure that the wording of the paperwork we submitted matched the wording they wanted to see, AND that all the documentation from doctors and evaluators included explicit, specific recommendations for the accommodations we wanted: extended time, longer breaks, and a quiet room with minimal distractions. I even went through all of the supporting docs and highlighted in yellow the relevant passages that provided exactly the info SAT/ACT wanted to see, and I summarized and repeated those points as block quotes in my "History & Background" document.

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I'm not sure if this article will help at all, but it is quite recent.  ACT has been notorious for being a pain for homeschoolers.  Our DD is schooled through a public school owned "homeschool assistance program" and has an active 504.  We wanted her dyslexia well documented before we needed it for the ACT.  


Here's the article:


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Thank you so much.


Yes, I am currently homeschooling her 100%. She is in a diploma program through our local Christian school that she will continue to be in until graduation. I plan to begin outsourcing next year (9th grade)- I think. It is not definite.

I do not have an official, clinical diagnosis for her. So it seems that needs to be my first step. 

She does not have a 504. She does not have an IEP.


I went to a dyslexia seminar/information session in 2016 and I learned a lot there. I need to research the children's hospitals and find where I can have these two children assessed.


This is very much on my mind because I have a six year old daughter who is showing much, much more severe signs of dyslexia.


I think my older daughter might have a processing disorder with mild to moderate dyslexia. She struggles to understand and also to communicate what she knows and feels.


Thank you so much for the links, research, and btdt experiences!



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