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Baltimore/DC trip ?'s

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We are thinking about taking a trip to Baltimore/DC in May.   We are planning to stay in Baltimore, but take 2 day trips into DC.


Is this even feasible?   I don't know anything about traffic from Baltimore to DC.  We're not set on any particular things in DC, just want to drive by some of the classic sites, and go to some museums.   DH and I have been to DC several times, and have driven in from Harrisburg in the past a few times.


So, any thoughts?   Are there days or times that are better for driving in?   And, what can I expect?


Any must do things in Baltimore?



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When we have visited DC we have stayed outside the city and driven in. Not as far as Baltimore, but the same idea. We found it very doable, and generally avoided traffic by waiting till 10 or 11 to drive in and then staying until the evening hours. Extra bonus--the monuments are beautiful at night, and it definitely gives the city a different feel to view it this way. For parking, we just picked a garage or lot and paid the $20 to park there. Some of them close at 6, and if that was the case we would move our car to street parking at that point if necessary.


Another option is to tour DC on the weekend to avoid traffic.

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You can take the train from Baltimore to DC if you don’t want to deal with the traffic. Then you can take the metro all over DC. I grew up outside of Baltimore and thatis what we did.

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Weekend traffic is better - during the week off rush-hour times is also reasonable enough too, though there is always a chance that it might suck. Depending on how many people you have, driving in is sometimes cheaper than metro. I used to always just take metro into DC, driving to the outlying station, but once we hit 4-6 people, it just stopped feeling as convenient - also when I'm done seeing the sights, I want to be headed home and taking the train and then driving feels like it prolongs the feeling of "I'm done and just want to leave". Or maybe my tolerance for driving in the city increased too, it was rarely all that bad (as long as I wasn't doing it during rush hour/s).

For Baltimore things:

The AVAM - American Visionary Art Museum is interesting.

I like the Aquarium too, the price tag is steep. You can go for half-price on Fridays after 5pm but then you're only getting 3 hours to look around. We've always filled an entire day looking at things there.  They have some homeschool classes, probably not in May though, that give you free entrance with a paid class, that was always when we'd go because I could get in free, the kids would be in a class for an hour or so and then we'd get to enjoy the aquarium. 

I like the Science Center too for kids. And then wandering around the inner harbor enough.

ran of time to post more...

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It’s super doable. Just avoid rush hour and, you know, government shutdowns that close the museums.


ETA, I live in this area and traffic isn’t too bad if you commute at 10, then again at either 3 pm or 7 or later.

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