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science for next year

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I am looking at online (self paced and live) options for science next year.


I am trying to price compare...


Clover Creek is $400 a year (which breaks down to about $44 a month for 9 months)



Derek Owens offers 2 discounts 1) $10 off for multiple kids and 2) 10% if you pay all at once vs month by month


online course is $58 a month (with the discounts it is $48 x 9= $432 then add in the 10% off and that is about $387)


live course is $85 a month (with the discounts is $75 x 9=$675 then 10% off is $608)



Super Charged is $57/month or about $513 for 9 months.  (what I don't know is if she offers a family discount or anything)


So based on this alone, Clover Creek is the cheapest...but at $400 a year (and we have 2 kids needing science) we can't afford that.




So I am pleading with you all...


are there any other online science courses I can consider that I just don't know about?  


Thank you for your help.





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Did you look at the pinned threads on high school sciences? I have been looking through a lot of them as I try to plan out high school science. Under the physics thread, all the courses are listed out and noted whether they are online or textbook, etc..


I am still figuring all this out but from what I can tell, live online classes= expensive home schooling. More economical options are teaching from a textbook the old fashioned way or video/DVD programs. Possibly dual enrollment or a virtual school would be other affordable options, depending on your state.


Good luck in your search!

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NE Prairie Mom - are you now in the Atlanta area? Derek Owens' live classes are just for folks in the Atlanta area where he teaches them. I am lucky enough to work with him at one of the locations where he teaches. He is such a great teacher; every kid I know says his physics class is one of the best classes they have every taken. My non-mathy daughters love/loved his classes. 

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virtualhomeschoolgroup.org  This is a group that utilizes volunteers to teach classes,at no charge. The same classes are not always offered every year, but the Apologia sciences are usually offered, including biology, chemistry, physics, advanced biology, general science and physical science. These classes are always offered at your own pace. There are videos for each module, along with tests. There are also office hours available every week. The labs can be submitted and will be graded. Hope that helps.

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