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Flylady support thread for Thursday January 18 (Baby Step 18)...

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Good morning Flyminds! 


Welcome to the Flylady support thread. To find out what Flylady is: http://www.flylady.net/ You can also find people on YouTube if you search for it.


We have completed the baby steps found here: http://forums.welltr...nday-october-1/

We have also completed a Building a Control Journal series found here: http://forums.welltr...-16-tue-oct-24/

If you would like to share your small accomplishments on instagram, please do so at #wtmflylady


Flylady Babysteps:

Day 1 - Shine your kitchen sink!! 

Day 2 - Dress to shoes! 

Day 3 - Exploring the Flylady’s website!

Day 4 - Write things down! 

Day 5 - Write down what you hear

Day 6 - Hot spots!! 

Day 7 - Pick out your clothes 

Day 8 - Get a ring binder and put paper in it 

Day 9 - Declutter a few minutes at a time 

Day 10 - You can do anything in 15 minutes!! 

Day 11 - Add an inspiration page to the control journal 

Day 12 - Delete emails 

Day 13 - Find a mission and do it! 

-------- The days below till the next line are links to my blog. I don't get any money from this so hopefully it isn't too tacky. 

Day 14 - Use a calendar

Day 15 - Make your bed

Day 16 - Read Flylady emails

Day 17 - Set a bedtime and stick with it


Day 18 - Learn the 11 commandments of Flying! http://www.flylady.net/d/getting-started/31-beginner-babysteps/day-18/

Okay here there are if you don’t want to look them up:

  1. Keep your sink clean and shiny.

  2. Get dressed every morning, even if you don’t feel like it. Don’t forget your lace-up shoes.

  3. Do your morning and before-bedtime routine everyday.

  4. Don’t allow yourself to be sidetracked by the computer.

  5. Pick up after yourself. If you get it out, put it away.

  6. Don’t try to do two projects at once. ONE JOB AT A TIME.

  7. Don’t pull out more than you can put back in one hour.

  8. Do something for yourself everyday, maybe every morning and night.

  9. Work as fast as you can to get the job done. This will give you more time to play later.

  10. Smile even when you don’t feel like it. It is contagious. Make your mind up to be happy, and you will be.

  11. Don’t forget to laugh everyday. Pamper yourself; you deserve it!

Morning Routine

  • Get up and make your bed

  • get dressed to lace-up shoes, hair, and face

  • Read your FlyLady emails

  • Recognize the negative voices and change them

  • Put out your Hot Spots for two minutes

  • Five-minute Room Rescue (pick a room). Set your timer and go!

  • Spend 15 Minutes decluttering each day. You can’t organize clutter!

  • Look at your Control Journal. Your Post-It Notes remind you.

Before-Bed Routine

  • Keep your sink shining

  • Lay out your clothes for tomorrow

  • Put out your Hot Spot.

  • Look at your Control Journal check list.

  • Time for bed. Consider yourself tucked in!

Need more inspiration?




An overview of the whole 31 days.



Advanced Flylady: 

This week the Flylady is focused on Zone 3 - Bathroom and one other room.


Thursday - Errand Day!

Thursday at FlyLady is Errand Day. We use this day to get out and run whatever errands we need to do for the week. Make a list of wherever you need to go and whatever you need to do during the day today and then get to it. This can include:

  • Grocery shopping

  • Doctor appointments

  • Dentist appointments

  • School shopping

  • Dropping the clothes off at the cleaner

And tons of other things. If it needs to be done outside the house, today is the day to do it. Make a list of these things and check them off as you do them.

Today's Mission (We only have missions Monday through Friday): Your bathroom mission for today is to assess your supplies in the bathroom.  It is errand day and make a list of the items that you need to stock your bathroom.  Do you need toothpaste, deodorant, mouthwash, soap or shampoo?  Remember, nothing says "I Love You" like having enough toilet paper!

For the Laundry Room, do the same thing.  Do you need laundry soap, bleach or fabric softner? Once again, nothing says "I Love You" like having clean underwear!


Fly Kids Mission (We only have missions Monday through Friday): We are going to do what is called a Hot Spot Fire Drill! 

This is when we look around our rooms at the flat surfaces of our furniture. The desk, the dresser and the nightstands. These are the places that we will just pile things on instead of throwing them away or putting them away. These are the Hot Spots. 

To help us clean these places up we are going to do a Fire Drill. We are going to set a timer for 5 minutes and see how much and can throw away and put away off of those Hot Spots. 


Ready.. set.... GO! 
If you are new to Flylady, please join at any time. There is no better time then now to learn to keep your house clean the easy way! 
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I downloaded the Flylady Plus App. It looks pretty cool for zone cleaning and routines. I'm going to stick to spreading my weekly home blessing hour to a little each day. It works for me. Otherwise I'd have to list all my routines here and that would be overwhelming.


Zone cleaning:

--Reshelve books

--Swiffer bookshelves

--Clean cobwebs

--Clean window



--Laundry, if needed

--Clean laundry room

--Hall bathroom tidy

--Sweep foyer steps and downstairs hall


--Dinner is Shrimp pasta



--Volunteer 2 hours at Thrift Store if not closed due to snow day

--Reschedule chiropractic visit

--Lunch with oldest dd

--Grocery store run for shrimp - if roads are not icy

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Well I am not doing anything major today but I have managed to:


Fold and put away laundry

Bathe one child


I have the other one shoveling snow. DH couldn't get to it last night and I am in no position to do it so he is taking it on. I think anything he does will be an improvement and when the sun hits it (afternoon) it will be doing much better. 

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I need to empty the dishwasher because I forgot to empty it this morning because I didn't look at my morning routine. Otherwise I'm done for the day.


I clean my house so quickly because I have nothing really left to declutter. The one area that could use some organization is the shelves in my closet. It's stuff that DH doesn't want to get rid of but I bet he's even forgotten what's in there! So that's a job I need to do when he can help me. I can't make those decisions without him.


We downsized when we moved 12 years ago and have not accumulated much. Also, I frequently look through the house for donations simply because I do not like clutter.

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