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World War 2 Unit Study for 10 year old

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My son is asking to learn more about the world wars, particularly the second world war. We have been through SOTW 4, and covered those books in the main, but he wants more depth. Any suggestions of a guide to use? I know that I could make it up, but I don't tend to do well following my own initiative!!

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World War II for Kids: A History with 21 Activities

World War II: Visual Encyclopedia

Eyewitness: World War II


Curriculum/Lesson Plans/Units:

EHO (Eclectic Homeschool Online) -- links to resources: lesson plans, websites, activities, etc.

Tina's Dynamic Homeschool -- list of ideas/links for studying WWII for gr. 4-8

Homeschool In The Woods: America in World War II unit study -- 25 lessons/5-10 weeks, gr. 3-8

Build Your Own Library: World War 2 unit study -- 9 weeks, BUT, for middle/high school


Resource ideas in these past threads:

Living books for WWII suggestions (elementary grades)

Need recs for World War 2 history books for a 10 year old, and, the x-post (elementary/middle school grades)

Resources about World War II (historical fiction) (elementary/middle school)

History -- WWI / WWII (elementary grades)

Any books for World War I and WWII for 10yo son (elementary grades)

Suggestions for books needed: WWI, WWII... (elementary grades)

Any worthy World War II films for 4th & 8th graders that you could recommend? (elementary/middle school)

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My son liked the Build Your Own Library WW2 study last year at that age. Although eventually he just read the books and stopped doing the guide; he didn’t feel like that part was as useful as just reading. He learned a ton and has retained it.

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I don't have an outline to suggest, but I would like to suggest Extra Credits History's free videos on WWII (and one on WWI).   I have actually only watched the WWI one myself (because we're not there yet), but I love everything Extra Credits does on history...and it's just excellent for that age.  It's humorous without being disrespectful, and deals with war in a way that's not too much for kids.  They aren't so much an overview of history as a deep dive into specific historical topics that are important but often overlooked or misunderstood, so they would need to be a supplement of another spine.



WWI Videos


Seminal Tragedy Series

This about how WWI started, but touches on WWII also...and would be a good way to start a Unit on WWII.   It's broken up into 5 videos about 10 minutes long each.  (The "Lies" video you can just address areas of historical contention and is not animated like the others.   They have those for each of their series.). 


WWI Christmas Truce

Two videos about the Christmas Truce in WWII...good, but could be skipped (more interesting sidebar).   I've only watched the first (and just now realized there was a second).

Christmas Truce 1

Christmas Truce 2 - Letters from the Trenches



WWII  Videos

13 Videos on various WWII topics (all about 10 minutes long, save the first, which is just describing why they choose not to show Swastikas in their series...basically, so that teachers in Germany could legally use their videos without issues). 



Also, just for fun, if you have Netflix I suggest "The White Rabbit"s episode on Crazy WWII Weapons.   (They are basically a themed Mythbusters spin off).   But, one warning...occasionally The White Rabbit actors let off a swear word, and I can't remember if they did in this one. 



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