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AoPS classes overlap?


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Would someone be able to share the experience?  How bad is it to have AoPS C&P start overlapping with the tail end of Intro to Alg B for 3 weeks? Trying to plan out the workload vs vacations and summer trips and would really like to squeeze C&P before the family vacation.


Background info: DD11, Grade 6, a fair bit of homework at school, a bit of extracurricular beside school, has been ok with the pace and complexity of AoPS so far, challenged but not struggling.


Am I crazy? Or can it work?



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DS had overlap with Intermediate algebra and intermediate C&P for about 3 weeks.  It was doable, but he didn't do much else for those 3 weeks. I think you are saying your DD is at school?  My ds is homeschooled so we simply pulled him off of all other course work to make time.  Homework load for those 2 courses concurrently was about 20-25 hours a week.  And it is intense work, so I think he just read books for the rest of "school hours".


Ruth in NZ

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