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Does anyone know of a statistics MOOC for rank beginners? This is for a couple of colleagues and me; i.e., people who have been out of school for <ahem> several decades and have probably forgotten a good bit of math. We find ourselves needing a better understanding of statistics for some high level research projects at work.


I’m really looking for Statistics for Dummies. All the courses I looked at on Coursera seemed to presume some basic stats knowledge. That isn’t for me. Would Khan help? I could certainly brush up on my mathematics skills using Khan.



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How much math did you learn and how much math do you remember?


As far as "Statistics for dummies", check this out:


The reviews are good -- you can see a fair amount of content with "look inside" -- and even if it is not what you need, it is under $10 with shipping. 


Cartoon guide to statistics is good too -- but of the people who reviewed both, they preferred this one. 

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I took up through differential equations at university. However, that's been 20+ years and I wouldn't say I remember much, if anything. I *think* I would be correct to say I functionally remember algebra and trig, though I probably need some review. Most of my problem solving these days involves drug calculations.


ETA: Thank you for the book recommendation.

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For MOOC, maybe this free EdX course for AP Statistics. Usually no prior knowledge is assumed for AP statistics.


For free curriculum, you can read through MEP math statistics modules. If you need the answers, the password is in the MEP yahoo group.


The books that kiana recommended can be found at Barnes & Noble if you have one nearby to drop by and browse. My kids read both from the library but prefer a textbook for more work examples and practice questions.

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