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Larson math: surely you don't assign all problems?

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Just discovered Larson's prealgebra. I love the conciseness, the clear language and the layout (rarely happens!) But there are so many problems (up to 75). What do you all typically assign per section, and is there any pattern to the questions? Seems like those relating to the examples are noted in the margin, but I can't find a pattern to the rest. Anyone have this figured out?

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Oh gosh no. Don't do all of those. It's not like a homeschool curriculum that's designed for you to do every problem.


Every 2-4 depending on how much practice is needed. If there are just a few word problems at the end, do all of those though. 

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Try to find some online syllabi by Google search


1) "actual title of text-book"  syllabus


2) "actual title of text-book" pacing


do not use quotes around the book title


This should help you create your own.


Good Luck



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Yep, thanks for the tips. I wound up finding a "practice workbook" that has a mix of about 30 problems per lesson. It's just a condensed version of the same kinds of problems you find in the book. 


Seems much more manageable. : )

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